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The hero of the forbidden Apple series sues actress Shephal Sam

The hero of the forbidden Apple series sues actress Shephal Sam
The hero of the forbidden Apple series sues actress Shephal Sam 

According to Turkish newspaper Akşam: Turkish star Talat Pollot has filed a lawsuit against the beautiful Turkish actress Shival Sam, his partner in the series YasakElma.

 Or known as the name of the forbidden apple and has demanded damages of 100 thousand Turkish liras because of its abusive comments after allegations of harassment by his assistant Uzghi during the events of a Turkish series is now presented but the judiciary has been fair and acquitted of the case Turkish star Talaat responded that comments affected him and his family In great depth and he did not expect from his colleague in the series, especially since the heroes of the serial others did not issue them any reaction to it.

It is worth mentioning that the representative Talaat Bulut said that the girl who accused him of harassment had already accused her father in 2013 of harassment and abuse and humiliation and threats and coercion and the deprivation of freedom. In her statement to the psychiatrist, she said that his statement about her father was incorrect and opened the case because her father sent her to school by force.

And claimed that she was subjected to bullying and beatings and insults by him .... and shows two dimensions that the claim is baseless and that it lied ...

In the case of the harassment of actor Talat Polut behind the scenes of the forbidden Apple series that ended in his favor, new news appeared, a statement by actress Handa Atayzi about the actor Talat also harassed them during their meeting 18 years ago to film the House of Angels.

The first appearance of the representative Talat Pollot at the airport after the news harassed by one of the employees of his series, and drew attention to the status of the hat to be recognized.

Representative Talat Bolot mentioned in a new statement that the girl always comes to repair the tie of his neck against his will, and says how nice you are.

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