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Alain de Guinares is attacking Lady Gaga for a mobile phone

Alain de Guinares is attacking Lady Gaga for a mobile phone
Alain de Guinares is attacking Lady Gaga for a mobile phone 

Elaine de Gueneres is not happy with Lady Gaga now. While the famous singer, who became an actress, celebrates her career following her successful re-production of A Star is Born, starring Bradley Cooper.

The movie "A Star is Born", starring Lady Lage Gaga, earned $ 41 million in less than a week in the world premiere October 5 in the United States and around the world.

. But in the midst of all these awards and appreciation, Gaga's hands should not pick up her phone, so Ellen de Guineres commented that there seemed to be a lot of letters from Ellen to Lady Gaga that she sent to her and passed without commenting on her, or, worse, Simply. Resulted in a somewhat unpleasant conversation when the singer / actress Lady Gagame Elende Jenners appeared in her famous show.

 During her conversation with Lady Gaga to promote the musical, Elaine de Geniris cast her fury on the famous pop star.

I sent you a text message after Jimmy's wedding. Remember when we said we would meet with each other? Then I wrote to you, I never heard from you?

Lady Gaga tried to defend herself by claiming that she was constantly switching phones, and that she probably did not know that Ellen de Jeneres was trying to contact her during these one-sided text messages. But did Ellen buy this excuse accepted?

You know I'm saving your phone numbers and I've been waiting for you by accident. Sorry ... I will definitely check your phone number.

 Suffice it to say that the pop star was not necessarily clear when it came to Eileen's harassment. At least Ellen was slightly sympathetic to Lady Gaga, who admitted she had changed her phone number several times, which might explain why Lady Gaga does not know who is texting. And she changed her phone number too much. Therefore, the connection may be lost if both parties do not have the correct phone numbers to communicate with.

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