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Ariana Grande separated from her lover Pete Davidson

  أريانا غراندي Ariana Grande تنفصل عن حبيبها  بيت ديفيدسون Pete Davidson
Ariana Grande separated from her lover Pete Davidson

 Britannica star Arianna Grandi broke up with her boyfriend David Davidson after a five-month relationship that left her in her first public appearance since she was revealed this week by her fiancée, Davidson.

Ariana Grandi has published photos on her account at her INSTRUMENT site from her recording of A Halloween Wicked Halloween, a tribute to the 15th anniversary of Broadway music.

She emerged wearing a deep red lipstick in green, a green and white tie and diamond earrings. In another part of her story at Instagram, she described the experience of the bad mental state of the star, after the suicide of her former American rapper Mac Miller. And how they tended not to come to register. "I can not believe I almost spoiled my concern for me today!

His makeup artist, Mario Dedevanovic, posted a video on Instagram of Grande and said she sang brilliantly and drew attention in the studio with her bright makeup and green dress without a bra. A fan named Lerik Smith met an opportunity in the backstage while recording her sad song and said the singer was "nice".

This clever performance is a great step for singer Arianna Grandi. It would be her first performance since September when her ex-boyfriend Mc Miller died of a suspected overdose at the age of 26.

 Her relationship is American rap rapper Mac Miller, which lasted for two years, but the break came in May 2018. Days after his death, she broke her silence and launched a passionate salute to the rapper. I shared a video on her Instagram. "I loved you from the day I met when I was 19, and I always will, I can not believe that you are not here anymore, I can not really put my head around him," she wrote. "I'm very sad and I do not know what to do."

"he was my dear friend, for a long time, above anything else, I am very sorry because I could not repair or take your pains ... I hope you are fine now.

  Her grief over Miller's sudden death has played a key role in her separation from her lover Davidson.

  She feels her emotions are out of control. "

After the news of the departure of Mac Miller, some accused Ariana Grandi of being responsible for her drug addict's addiction to his death and overdose, as he lived a very difficult period after their separation, especially after the association with comedy host Betty .Davidson after a very short period

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