wonder .. jennifer wengat pray and rapid ramadan!

wonder .. jennifer wengat pray and rapid ramadan!
wonder .. jennifer wengat pray and rapid ramadan! 

wonder .. jennifer wengat pray and rapid ramadan!

a number of the pioneers of social media, motion pictures of the indian celebrity jennifer wongt, co-starred in her new series "love of danger", which mbc bollywood presently offers, praying and fasting the month of ramadan to painting her as a muslim lady.

a big number interacted with these scenes, which confirmed the hindu famous person representing the scenes of islamic prayer with outstanding professionalism, praying all through prayer, as well as the ritual of breakfast in ramadan from beginning to devour "dates" at the beginning before the rest of the food.

paintings also showed to live far from any racial or sectarian bloodshed among hindus and muslims in india, thru the embodiment of "the aiz" parent woman "zoya" muslim, and movement hero artist harashad chopra, who embodies the function of "aditya hooda" hindu religion, which is flattering muslim lady friend and carrying a "hat" muslims on the head and consume "dates" on breakfast.

the rotating collection of "love hazard" for a woman called "zoya arora," her husband dies, "yash", who married him forcibly from her family who boycotted after the marriage, after which find out "zoya" he died with his mistress married, the stunning fact, after which seeking to control her husband's company after his loss of life to store for his or her employees and percentage this with "aditya" the female's husband who betrayed her husband along with her, after he discovered of betraying his spouse, additionally for him, and determined "aditya" himself worried on this organization without understanding from the beginning, due to the fact his spouse participated her lover in this enterprise secretly with out telling him.

the collection "love of the shell" starring jennifer wegt, megastar hershad huda, and a large range of artists, and gives from sunday to thursday on mbc bollywood.

that is the 0.33 work to be screened for "wingate" on an arabic display screen, after the collection "the mania mania" turned into screened final year, preceded via "sahar al asmar" collection, all through which he made a famous month inside the man or woman of "komod" which became famous within the arab global.

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