Moon Chai Won is preparing for the TaleOfGyeryongFairy series

Moon Chai Won is preparing for the TaleOfGyeryongFairy series
Moon Chai Won is preparing for the TaleOfGyeryongFairy series 

The new Korean drama "TaleOfGyeryongFairy" or the fairy tale of Goreyong Fairy, the beautiful star Moon Chai Won is preparing for her heroine, thanking all her followers. "I can not meet all of you personally, thank you very much for sending this support to me. I've got a lot of energy. I will try my best to make a good drama interesting. Thank you very much all, see you again next time.

Genre: Literary, Romantic, Fiction.

The name of the series: the fairy tale of Goryong fairy.

Author: Yu Kyung-sun.

Directed by Kim Yun-chul.

Champion: Mon Chai-won / Yun Hyun Min / Seo Ji-hoon

Country: South Korea.

Channel Display: tvN

The drama will be broadcast on tvN on November 5th


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The story of the drama revolves around the fairy (Son Ok Nam) of the Joseon era, which loses its wings and falls in love with Hattab and decides to marry him.

The woodcutter falls from the cliff and dies, so decide to look for her husband in modern times and appear in a large old man but people see her beautiful fairy girl opposite the appearance in which she is!

Sun-Ok Nam meets two men at present, one of whom may be her husband, but she is not sure who she is.

You can also talk to animals and plants.

It is reported that actress Kang Sora has withdrawn from the new drama "Tale Of Gyeryong Fairy" because of a conflict in her agenda.

After the actress Kang Sora withdrew from the new drama Gyeryong Goddess, she revealed that actress Mon Chih Won will take her place next to actor Yun Hyun Min.

The young actor Seo Ji-hoon joined the new drama crew Tale Of Gyeryong Fairy.

Photos of Moon Chai Won; from the upcoming TVN 'TaleOfGyeryongFairy' which will start on 5 November.

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