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Mohamed Hamaki celebrates the graduates of the Faculty of Commerce

 Mohamed Hamaki celebrates the graduates of the Faculty of Commerce
 Mohamed Hamaki celebrates the graduates of the Faculty of Commerce

Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki revived one of the largest student concerts. Graduation ceremony of the batch of 68 from the Faculty of Commerce and attended thousands of different stages of the university, reaching the number of five thousand students in addition to their families. During the celebration of graduates of the Faculty of Commerce Alexandria University in 2018. The celebration was held inside the Mirage Hall in Alexandria.

Hamaki went to the concert hall to sing "My Soul Keeps His Side" and chanted "Hysterical" in the midst of the shouts and dances of the students, and then gave a musical link to more than two hours of his most famous songs in an atmosphere of joy.

  Hamaki was keen to dedicate the graduates of the 2018 song from his new album entitled "Beauty in Aniki Mali" words of Prince Tomeh and melody and distribution of Tuma .. And then shared with them Silvi Mobile and promised to publish on the social networking site. And other songs requested by the public for more than an hour and a half.

The star Mohammed Hamaki cried at his concert at the University of Alexandria during the singing of the song "Maplash", and was influenced by his audience.

The ceremony was marked by a good organization. The ceremony ended with the new song and beauty in Aniki Mal amidst an atmosphere of farewell to the audience, which was equivalent to the warm reception. As soon as Hamaki came out of the theater, the graduates and students turned around to take photographs and photographs with their favorite star.
Hamaki was keen to take pictures with the students after the concert, organized by the event organizer Walid Mansoor, despite the crowds and the students.
In another context, Hamaki is in the process of finalizing his new album to be launched in the coming period.


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