joins actress Chennai Gurlar as Melissa Habiba Idris Koshofali !!

 joins actress Chennai Gurlar as Melissa Habiba Idris Koshofali !!
 joins actress Chennai Gurlar as Melissa Habiba Idris Koshofali !! 

Al-Hafra series has a great reputation in Turkey, since its launch last season, and even with its broad fame, so far.

Which is shown every Monday, at 8 pm in Turkey, on Show Tv and translated by the story of Ashqat,
Nothing beats the pit, as the series of series dominates Monday, and tops the viewing rate of all categories.

The actress, Chennai Gorlar, will play the role of Meliha, and move Flashback, to Madiha and Adriasis past, to know what happened in the past, and why Idris Koshofali thought she died when shot, and her first appearance in the series of the hole, in Episode 40, The second season, confined to the scenes only with Salim Kushofali.

It is worth mentioning that she had previously participated in an in-house series, which was starring Shatai Olsawi, Waras Bolot, who plays Yamach, and was also the wife of the Turkish actor

Arkan Kisal, who plays the role of Idris Kushofali.

In the same series, and appearing in the serial pit,

, There will be sudden developments, but what is

The role of her role in the series of the hole, and is the leader of the lambs black or known as the caracosolar.

It is said that the actor Orhan Adib Erturk, will join the crew of representatives of the series of drilling, in his next workshops, the legendary series Valley of the Wolves, from his famous words: that you are so foolish that you do not know me, that means you deserve death.

Yaman is the son of the one killed by Vartholo, the Samatli family will return to the pit, and Sikyon there is a point of agreement with his Karakozolar gang, against the Kushovali family.

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