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Star Taylor Swift Avril Lavigne shares a new duet titled make your move

 النجمة تايلور سويفت تشارك  اڤريل لافين دويتو جديد بعنوان  make your move

It is rumored that there is cooperation between Avril Lavigne
And Taylor Swift in the upcoming Avril album

The song is titled
make your move.

In the past, many rumors and theories have been circulating about the fact that French-Canadian singer Avril Lavigne has died since 2003 and that her likeness has replaced her over the past 12 years.

The pioneers of social networking sites also published tweets comparing Avril's features and their similarities, pointing out that there are many differences between them, such as the shape of the eyes, nose and lips.

The song is expected to be released is the first song written during her illness in the most momentous moments in her life, and she reached a stage where I thought that her body gave up to die,

"It's unbelievable that I'm taking part in the stage with Avril Lavigne," said Taylor Swift on her Twitter account: "Complicated, you have a genius song and I love it very much."

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