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TheWalkingDead begins with a very strong start

TheWalkingDead begins with a very strong start
TheWalkingDead begins with a very strong start 

The ninth season of TheWalkingDead begins with a very strong start

A very strong start to the first episode of the series is expected and strongly.


A new season has been launched from the famous "Walking Dead" series, The Walking Dead.

 The American AMC Network has unveiled the new posters for the ninth season of The Walking Dead, which has been very successful around the world.

 The Premier came as excellent as usual, the jump was the most needed thing serial, an opportunity for restoration and renewal, but fear now from the rest of the episodes TheWalkingDead.

Director Scott Gimble.

A wave of criticism was received from fans of the series, following "catastrophic" choices in the scenario (especially the seventh season), killing a number of heroes whom the audience loved.

            The story of the series            

The series revolves around suspense and excitement after a police officer woke up from the coma that he had entered for several months as a result of a gunshot wound while he was working to find that the world had been whitened by the living dead, the only survivor. He returns to his home to find his wife and son, To find himself in front of an army of dead neighborhoods, and escalating events.

It is scheduled to take place after the major war waged by the survivors against Nigand and his followers, focusing on the character of Andrew Lincoln, played by Rick Graemes, where he will strive to unite the efforts of survivors to rebuild society after the disaster, and shows Lincoln in the footage of the Triller In the company of some survivors, we also see footage of a conversation going on with imprisoned Nigan. The scenes of the Triller reveal differences between rescuers and newcomers about how best to build a community, and deal with each other.

Excellent reviews of the ninth season and one critic says "The first 3 episodes of this season the best episodes of the series since the fourth season" TheWalkingDead.

Maggie 's character has become more powerful and strict .. Away from the events of the series sad Wilson Scott (Herschel) died yesterday

The stars are Andrew Lincoln, Norman Redius, Laurie Holden, Saro Win Kalis, Laurie Cohen, Scott Wilson.

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