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The Untold Secret To Mastering SHAHRUKH KHAN MOVIE In Just 3 Days

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 Shahrukh Khan and details of his new film "Zero" 

The world star Shahrukh Khan launched a video for his new movie "Zero". However, he made a big surprise to the public because of the role he will play, and Shahrukhan plays the role of "dwarf" in the film, and is scheduled to be screened this year.

Because they are the ones who eventually made him a real star and a famous human being waiting for news and follow thousands of images. The lovers of King Shahrukh Khan will therefore be eagerly waiting to see him with a new character and a strange role.

 On his account at the Instagram site, Shahrukhan published his photographs in one of the scenes of the film, showing the difference in length between him and others. The romantic comedy film is shot in the suburbs of Bombay and will be screened in cinemas in December.

  In less than 24 hours, from the posters of Shahrukh Khan's play The Dwarf, which premiered on December 21, 2018, he moved on to reach 10,000,000 views.

Shahrukh Khan won the 25-year-old Bollywood entry at the Zee Cine Awards at the Zein Cinema 2018, in the presence of Bollywood's most famous Bollywood celebrities. It is expected that he will be very successful, She died.

"We are waiting for the right time to fully announce the film, and it is important that the audience accepts our efforts," said Shahrukh Khan. "The shooting took place in several places that were not announced.

In his upcoming film, Shahrukh is portrayed as a "dwarf" in a work where he will meet the factors of entertainment, love and grams together, stressing at the same time that he would be a "crazy" person if he did not add a touch of love and flavor of love and thus some songs to the film and will participate the most important Bollywood hero The most prominent on the scene.

Bollywood actors Katrina Kaif, Anoushka Sharma, Kajol and Alia Bahat are participating. With Shahrukh Khan in the film. After Deepika Padcon apologized for participating in the film for her controversial film "Pavamadti".

The newspaper "Hindustan Times" Katrina how to play the role of a movie star and Shahrukh Khan will be the biggest fans.

Date of presentation: 25 December 2018

Classification of work: romantic

 The film revolves around Raj seeking love all the time, linking himself to one of the most wanted women on earth, without knowing what to offer in return.

 Directed by:

Anand L. Opinion


Himanshu Sharma


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