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the utility of using warm water when bathing instead of hot water

There are common common habits unhealthy at all and must be forgotten when bathing and the most important and most dangerous face wash with hot water.

You're probably wondering what could be wrong when you take a shower, right? The truth is that when you shower, you can put your body completely under water and use different types of soap and steroids that can harm your skin. Since bathing is very simple and personal, we rarely talk about things that can be harmful and good habits that we need to adopt.

We've found some mistakes made by many people a day and want to share them with you!

It seems very easy to wash your face when we are in the bathroom, but in fact it is not good for our face. The majority of people bathe with hot water, and generally the temperature of the latter is so high that it can not be washed. The skin of this area is very sensitive, so it is best to use warm water so as not to hurt it.


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