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the pit season II Episode 6 Fikra Maidat save Gumali !!

 the pit season II Episode 6 Fikra Maidat save Gumali !!
the pit season II Episode 6 Fikra Maidat save Gumali !!

The events of the pit series, full of suspense and successive beautiful events, everyone is waiting for salvation, from the gang of black sheep Cracowlar. But until that moment, there is only one question in it, of course not the recovery of the hole. But the most important is to restore the people of the pit and their union,So they can return the hole again.

The series of the pit season II Episode 6 Fikra Maidat save Gumali !! 
The series of the pit season II Episode 6 Fikra Maidat save Gumali !! # çukur, # pit turkeycelebsnews @ See the full summary on our website https://www.turkeycelebs.com The events of the hole series, full of suspense and ...

Yamach and Vartuloa, are trying to find a quick solution, in order to save and recover their elder brother. And in the course of their conversation, they interrupt them, and say a very simple sentence to complement their conversation, and it says from afar it is clear that I can not beat you Yamach, and everyone is surprised by this, especially solid and perfect. But the mind of the fox Yamach, came the idea of genius from the words of Midat, and then surprised Yamach everyone says well Hey Maid, from afar I can not do anything for you, but if you're close to you and inside,

Everything is different, and here begins the moment of attack.

Gilasson knows that Mickey and his gang stole the car, devours the madness of Gelson and gathers his team and goes to retrieve the car, from Mickey.

But the question now is what causes the big enmity between Gelson and Mickey. When it happened and when it will end, but most importantly, Yamach will not leave the matter of the enemy and solve it, and the union of the two teams there is great hope in the recovery of the pit.

The karacosolar band united with each other, and Mason would not leave his friend Shitu to a grab, and he would also gather an army of black sheep, fully armed. And at the same time .. The Bolsheviks. There is no one with them but the perfection and solid and painful, while the youth of the pit fight with each other,

Yamach and Vartulo disguise themselves, and enter the palace very quietly, without anyone paying attention to them, will they find those looking for him? But there will be someone else, no one expects, like the third knight of the hole, or Maismi Pasha.

Rashid Fadlallah Afghan. He seems to be a liar on the issue of the five million, and he had originally, but he wants to get rid of his rival, and they have a conflict between them, so he exploited the Koshovali and Carcosolar conflict, and put them in another conflict. He cheated them in his money story. At the same time, Chetio and Gomali were kidnapped

In order to bargain,

But will Jomali still be waiting to be saved, or will he find another way out?

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