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Venom tops US box office this week

Venom tops US box office this week
Venom tops US box office this week 

Tom Hardy's new film, Venom, despite the cash attack, was released just days before he released the US box office this week with a record $ 80 million. The film is produced by Sony in collaboration with Marvell and is the first to introduce Venom separately. WeAreVenom is the upcoming film "Vinom" starring Tom Hardy. Vauxhall screens are shown from night.

 The premiere of Vinom, which took place at the Synapse 360 ​​on Wednesday, was attended by filmmakers, journalists and fans.

The film will be produced by Columbia Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures, directed by Robin Fleischer and starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Reese Ahmed, Scott Hays, Scott Reed, Jenny Slate.

Date of issue: 4 October 2018 (Portugal)

Director: Robin Fleischer

Eddie Brooke / Phnomume (Tom Hardy) is one of the most mysterious and complex figures of Marvel. He is also the arch enemy of Spider-Man. Phnom Penh was a very ordinary person, until he was subjected to the acquisition of a space object. Everything is related to his life, so he and the space object are one indivisible entity.

   The film will be screened in Argentina, Australia, Greece, Italy, Colombia, Russia and Portugal on Friday, October 5. The film will be screened on Oct. 6 in America and Romania, and will be screened on October 10 in France.


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