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Viewership Turkish serial 2018 big lies

 نسبة مشاهدة المسلسل التركي أكاذيب كبيرة 2018

In this article we learn about the Turkish series watching the big lies KocaKocaYalanlar, which came very low and weak, as did not reach the rate of watching break the barrier of 2 million views on the Turkish screens came as follows:

Watching a series of big lies: Total / 12 / 2.76Ab / 11 / 2.96KocaKocaYalanlar

It is known that the most famous Turkish series, which is currently broadcast on Monday, whether the series of the hole or the series of the Covenant have a very high viewing rate and the existence of any serial time broadcast the loss of this serial between them and was the first victims on Monday. "Big lies" and news that kanald channel will be transferred A series of "big lies" from Monday to Saturday.

Rtük has imposed a fine on the series "Big Lies" because it reflects the "betrayal of men to their wives" as a natural behavior, contrary to the principle of family protection and moral values

On the other hand, the Turkish series is adapted from the American version of the series "Little Big Lies". However, it did not achieve the desired success against the American version. One of the main reasons for the success of the American series is that it was correctly quoted, not in the commercial form, The number of episodes at the expense of the rhythm of events, so it is a short series of seven episodes only "

"Big Little Lies" Good series by cadre is a great representation, the characters are good and the episodes are almost all the same with the exception of the last episode was more than wonderful

Lian Moriarty tells the story of three mothers who drive their children to the first day of school and find out too early about a horrific murder at a party.


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