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A new film starring Ali El and Parachat Bebek Geliyorum Demez

 فيلم جديد بطولة علي ايل و باشاك بارلاك Bebek Geliyorum Demez
A new film starring Ali El and Parachak Bebek Geliyorum Demez

The latest movie revolves around a girl whose best dream is to be a writer. The young woman, determined to pursue this dream, decided to get rid of her business life and be able to take her first steps. Meanwhile, she finds herself facing a strange situation.

I knew she was pregnant and that all the plans she was thinking of had gone down the wind. This surprise not only affects her husband's life, but also has a profound impact on the lives of the couple's families and their different friends. Nausea, drowsiness, and funny events with each other who live during pregnancy

        Heroes of action         

Starring Başak Parlak and Ali İl. Directed by Hakan Segawglo

  Team members: Cezmi Baskın, Seray Gözler, Sema Atalay, Mehmet Ali Kaptanlar, Feride Çetin, Melih Selçuk, and Serkan Acay.

Sama Atalay, Nazli Engin, Malih Seljuk, Farida Shatin, Adel Chalabi and Arkan Kan

The film was released in cinemas on October 26, the film Baby Geliyorum Demez. The film is a comedy of Baby Gilliram Demise, which will be released on Friday 26 October. The little surprise will not only affect the lives of Best and Alper (Pachak Barlak) but also the lives of their obsessed families and their strange friends.


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