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Alchin Sanjo dreams of making a film about Princess Diana

Alchin Sanjo dreams of making a film about the life of Princess Diana
Alchin Sanjo dreams of making a film about the life of Princess Diana

The Princess of England, the late English Princess Diana, is the world's most beloved princess, not only in England. The most important dreams of Alchin Sanju are to present a film about the life of Princess Diana, who lost her life in an accident in France 21 years ago.

The beautiful Turkish star Chin Sanju said # Alchin_sanju  During her photography session for BeStyle Magazine in November.

# ElçinSangu
The Chin was ranked fifth most recent female actresses last week. # ElçinSangu # Yaşamayanlar either another Turkish star ElçinSangu works with her series of Turkish star Karam Borsiin and Salma Oriz was the series entitled who not living. # ElçinSangu # Yaşamayanlar.

As for now, she has finished filming the first episodes of her new series for Show TV, entitled Collision, which is waiting with curiosity. The date of his presentation, which is being talked about in the scenes, is November 22 th, Thursday .... So the filming of the two episodes is planned, currently the latest in this direction. ElçinSangu # Çarpışma
elcnsngetkinlik. # ElçinSangu # Çarpışma
Chin Sanju is a Turkish actress and model who was born on August 13, 1985. She is considered one of the highest paid actors and most wanted by the public in Turkey to appear in advertisements. She studied opera at the University of El Mina before starting her acting career. She was a play actress before starting to act in television series.


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