Handa Archil reveals the mystery of Murat Dalkalic

Handa Archil reveals the mystery of Murat Dalkalic
Handa Archil reveals the mystery of Murat Dalkalic

Handa Archhel in a short press interview revealed the continuation of her relationship with the famous Turkish singer Murad Dalkalic, despite the frequent rumors of their separation, which has been interested in many newspapers and social networking sites and talked about the existence of a new series this year.

Handa Arshal nominated for the role of starring in the series "Episode" serial policy (Mafia) next to actor Serkan

Chai Oglu, Ahmed Mumtaz, Nazan Sakal, the producer is waiting for Handa to join in the series. * If Handa agrees, she will play the role of his son, the son of the mafioso Iskandar, and will fall in love with the policeman HandeErçel.

No trace left of old Handy! Turkish actress Handy Archie, who has been living with the blues in her private life recently, drew attention to her weight loss after her sister's photo on the Handeercel

HandeErçel After news came out about the reconciliation of Murad and Hinda and their return to each other, Handa denied the news through Story of the Entangram and said, "When I try to stay away from everything, the news is clear and clear and the center is busy and I hope you show sensitivity and not take the news into account.

According to the program "Come talk." The return of the couple, Handa Artchel and Murad, where they were seen last Sunday together in the car, and then went to eat.

Handa is one of the most popular stars in Turkey.


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