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Handa Artchel starring the new Halka series Sexy Action

Actress Handa Archhel, nominated for the Women's Championship, for #halka,

Handa Arshil, will be the partner of the Turkish actor, Serkan Chaiğlu, in the series #halka.

The serial starring the Turkish star, Serkan Chai # SerkanÇayoğlu, as cop "Cihan

The story is two policemen with different characters, seeking to catch a criminal network, dubbed the episode.

According to a new story, the production company #halka, asked the actress Handa Artichil to undergo a test performance and experimental photography, and Handa's response was "What is experimental imaging after this time?" , But her agent talked to her at length and persuaded her to do so.

The brothers, Jehangir, were the role of two policemen trying to capture a triple criminal ring that has been going on for 40 years to avenge their mother, Hamira.

-Brak "Ilhan Tebeli" Mafia leader, "Alexander" Ab Mafia and the former personal guard of Ilhan and his daughter is "Mujda" that will be loved by Jehangir.

Binary serials #Halka 👫

- Sircan "Jehangir" & Handa Artcil "Mojdeh"

- Yildirim "was" & Hazal Sobashi "Bhar"

The director of the series will be "volkan kocatürk" and of his previous works "Sumini Hejran" and "The Unknown" *

# SerkanÇayoğlu


# Handa_Archill

# Sircan-Chai-Oglu

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