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someone hiding behind a rock over the surface of Mars

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someone hiding behind a rock over the surface of Mars 

"Absolute proof of life on Mars" - the claim of shock after finding a "stranger" in the image of NASA space
The spaceman ALIEN is conclusive proof that there is a smart life on Mars.

Snapshots that spread social networking are too many and have become one attraction after another. "

But the expert "Paranormal Crospel" was criticized for using it to digitize and manipulate images to make them look more like what he proposes and said they were just false images.
Skeptics argue that these discoveries are just simple cases of baridia, where the brain moves the eye to see shapes or family shapes in patterns or patterns recorded in the brain. It claims to show a small alien breakthrough outside a rock on the Red Planet as a man from Aga to be spread over the Internet.
Video title published on YouTube by Paranormal Crucible entitled "Tiny Alien Spotted On Mars?"
The channel is said to have spotted the robot in images downloaded on the Internet by NASA's robotics rover, who roams the surface for signs of life - but seems to have missed him.
"I painted the picture and added eyes to the head so it's easy to see, but everything in the original picture, whatever it sounds, reminds me of Atacama Alien, the same size, about 6 inches."
This picture is the latest in a series of alleged young people found in NASA images of Mars, and some foreign pursuers claim that the planet can be inhabited by a small human being as a result.
 "This man-like shape is centered around the angle of a rock wall and I can bring it out of the head, chest, shoulders, arm, leg, knee and foot.
"Botanormal buchoral" is about six inches tall ... I agree. This is one of the species that lived on Mars and still lives there yet, but in fewer numbers. The mysteries of Mars continue to be

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