Movie Wonder Woman part II in 2020

Movie Wonder Woman part II in 2020
Movie Wonder Woman part II in 2020

DC will release two superlative films of women's supermodels in 2020: Birds of Prey

  Wonder Woman Part II.

 To ensure that Warner Bros. So before other studios, such as Marvel Studios is the most powerful and televised company. Warner Bros. was suffering from some mounting failures as DC Studio was launched.

 Batman movie Superman V: Dawn of Justice, the League Justice League film received mixed reactions from critics and fans alike, and the company has been recovering over the past two years well enough at the box office, so far, the only unambiguous result in DC movie Current is the "Wonder Woman" Patty Jenkins, who received a good reception from filmmakers and earned over $ 800 million at the box office.

Wander Womer of Warner Bros. won the honor of being the first female-led film to hit theaters in more than a decade - the last superhero movie starring was Electra 2005. That meant Warner Bros defeated both X-Men in the 20th century and Marvel Studios in Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studios is working to release Captain Marvel in 2019 and Black Widow in 2020, while Sony has both Black Cat and Silver Sable

Moreover, with the Warner Bros. release of 2-3-DC movies in 2020 and 2020 now featuring two female-centered superstitions, it is almost certain that the studio's list will be dominated by women-led picture books. Given the wealth of superhero films that hit the theaters over the past decade, and the few women led by them, 2020 will not prove to be just a major milestone for the film in DC, but in Hollywood in general.

Of course, this does not mean that other studios do not make a push for a more diverse representation in the picture books. As mentioned previously, Marvel Studios has two female films. Since many of their future listings are unknown, there may be more in the early stages Of development. In addition, Sony is also looking to develop individual films and a team of Marvel characters - though it is not clear when the first will arrive at the theaters. For Fox, where Disney, the parent company of Marvell Studios, is obsessed with its television assets, it seems unlikely that the film "Kitty Pride" will be made at least not by Fox.

Finally, fans may be at least excited to see female figures in the capital, which tops the list in 2020.

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