New bride Series season 3 episode 7: weekly alraitngh

New bride Series season 3 episode 7: weekly alraitngh
New bride Series season 3 episode 7: weekly alraitngh 

The percentage of new bride's watch season 3 episode seven as follows:

Total / 4 / 4.97

Ab / 15 / 2.19

.Abc1 / 12 / 3.20 #YeniGelin


 Many observers see it as the comic version of the series Explain, Black Sea, Aisha Nafs and Qalandar, but unfortunately she does not have Taher saved by Aisha.

 The series of the new bride of the production of 2017, where it is one of the most successful Turkish series last season, whether the first part or the second part, the series is classified as a series drama comedy romantic, has achieved a series of high viewing rate and also issued the highest rates of work seen in the Turkish drama came The serials of the pit and the throne to take the lead and compete now series explain, Black Sea.

YeniGelin Asia and Kalandar have become a sweetheart with some who live their lives and not important, as the Aga was waiting for a small mistake from Aisha and Muhtabar to launch them and go astray with Asia

It is worth mentioning that there is a new love relationship between Sama Ketchik, "53 years" and her classmate #YeniGelin, actor Khalil Ibrahim Korom "28 years old" Turkish series #YeniGelin will be exhibited in Mexico, Paraguay and Ecuador.

The new series includes a lot of stars, the series starring Jessica May, Tollga Mandy and Mustafa Afkiran has managed to attract a large audience.

The new bride series revolves around a beautiful girl named Bella, who is from a conservative family, and their marriage is traditional, but Bella is a beautiful ambitious girl who wants love and does not want to marry that way because she wants to marry someone she loves.

The most interesting thing in the series of love of angels reminded me of the new bride means the same company producing the same channel and the sound is very similar and comedian, but of course the place and the story are different Habit on the day of Gabua Tari Bella here # # Yenigelin

There are many events in order to get to know Hazar and fall in love and marry him. The series has interesting, comedy and romantic events and is also a social series discussing social problems that may occur in every Turkish house.

The series also achieved great success in the Arab world as it was translated and dubbed as well

It also has lovely scenes and comedic social events that keep you following the series attentively and constantly. It also has beautiful decorations that attract attention and attention, as well as popular stars including Jessica May, Tolga Mandy and Mustafa Afkiran.

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