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Gigi Hadid is exposed to a strange position while walking with her sister

Gigi Hadid, a Palestinian-American fashion model, had a strange situation while walking with her sister Bella Hadid when she was hugged and attracted by a fan after he was a famous celebrity striker named Vitaly Sidok, known for following the celebrities and managing the ridiculous dumps he had lifted off the ground with his hands. , After leaving the Max Mara fashion show.

The international bar, which was accompanied by her sister Bella Hadid, surprised everyone by defending herself quickly and beating the harasser and pushing him away. She beat him with her feet and hands until a number of security men intervened in Milan and took full control of the situation.

When the media reported unfairly that Gigi attacked a fan, she spoke and explained that Vitaly was the one who started attacking her and had every right to defend herself.

Gigi Hadid had gone to Milan to attend the fashion week there, but the incident had caused her anger.

Her Arab-born lover Zain Malik said he wanted to hire a bodyguard to accompany his girlfriend and protect him from similar situations in the future.

Gigi Hadid attended the Pirelli Calendar 2019 in Milan, Italy. The star was dressed in a charming black dress by Zac Posen, the American designer Zac Posen, for autumn and winter 2018.

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