Turkish series episode promo 1 ad translator for Arabic

Turkish series episode promo 1 ad translator for Arabic
Turkish series episode promo 1 ad translator for Arabic

A new Turkish drama entitled "Halka", where the Turkish star participates

Handa Artcil is a Turkish actress and model. She is known for the role of Celine in the series "Girls of the Sun", as well as the role of life in the Turkish series Love does not understand her clear personality speech is rebellious and stubborn and Handa personality creative in them.


The TRT channel will be chosen on Tuesday to be the showday of the Halka series, which will be released in January

Actress NazanKesal will be featured in the series "Episode" character "Hmira" is a strong business woman and has a connection with the world of men.

Is very optimistic that the Halka series has achieved successes, and the best thing they chose on Tuesday for the show

From the announcement it is clear that the series has become enthusiastic .. Average grade but I expect success.

The first promotion of the series Halka starring Handa Artcil and Serkan Chai Oglu.

"Loha" will talk about two policemen trying to catch a criminal ring going on for 40 years for revenge.

Sarkan would be the role of brothers in the series ..

Sarkan will represent the character of "Jehangir"

Yildirim would represent the character of "Cannes"

Serial Type: Policy / Action

Will be shown on government channel trt1

Preparations are ready and filming will begin on November 15 and the show will be next month "December".

Series "Halakha" starring Serkan ÇayOğlu, Hande Erçel ..

The series is produced by EsFim.

Serial writer will be Levent Cantek ..

It will be displayed on screens in December on the trt1 channel.

 The series began filming on 15 November.

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