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Ibuki Bossat and Buran Kosum are a new love affair

The Turkish press asks if there is a love affair between Boran Kuzum and Ibuki Bossat after they were seen together yesterday in Nishantashi district after leaving a private party.

Boran Kuzum and Ibuki Bosat were seen together in one of the places to celebrate as a group accompanied by Akin Koch, Nasrin Jawadzadeh and Iram Sak.

Buran and Iboki, came to the concert together, left the place separately, and would not answer about a love affair between them.

According to the press, they live in love.

The heroes of the series of Tal Al-Shaheen, Buran Kuzum and Ibuki Bosat, attended a special ceremony in the Nishan Tashi area. When they met the journalists, they were leaving the place separately and did not answer the questions. Akin Koch, Nasreen Jawadzadeh and Iram Sak.

The followers of Social Media, if it is just propaganda, question the new series, Tal Saqr or Tal Shaheen, and the heroes will not comment on that question now.

In the new series Hilal Saral, "Tal El Shaheen", Zreen Tekindor, mother of Buran Kuzum,

Ibero Ozcan, the mother of Ibuki Bossat.

The story about the rivalry of two families, their son lives an impossible love story,

Buran Kuzum, will represent the role of Zirin Tekndor's son,

Ibuki Bossat, will embody the daughter of Ibero Ozkan.

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