our story parish speaks velez for the millionth time.

Nahal will not be silent, and she will start attacking immediately, in order to grieve everyone, after knowing the progress of Parish to Velez's speech in the hospital, for the third time and the calamities always come, after every joy.

Father is an intellectual, rejoice for Velez, and claps with great warmth,
As long as Velez laughed, I mean, wait for the next calamities.

At the time of Parish and Velez's marriage, the police come and arrest Velez for fraud, which Nehal has planned for, making her sign a contract without undoing Velez and making sure it is correct.

Parish is forced to leave Velez, or else she will be imprisoned,

Kiraz is acting, she wants to commit suicide,

And my thoughts grieve for Velez's disease, because it is the cause of everything that happens to her.

Fico and Ciraz, agree that they are playing for Velez,

But they will admit their mistake in the end, especially after the fainting of Velez, and transfer to the hospital.

Velez will not be able to bear all this pressure on her, we hope that the end of the series will not be the death of Velez.

Selim knows what happened to Velez, and will tell her that Nehal wants to create a problem, between her and Parish, and I think the paper signed by Velez, will take her from Nehal.
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