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The E-Pink team is back in January

The E-Pink team is back in January
The E-Pink team is back in January

The Pink team will return in January next year

On April 4, Plan A Entertainment "Cheong Soon Charisma", a move from No 1, and A Pink will release a new album in January. I hope you enjoy the new change in pink. "

In the eighth year of the wave concert of Korea's Hallyu 2018! Iphone has been awarded the "Popular Cultural singer" award. Thanks to your love of Bands we have been able to get this valuable award. Thank you.

Earlier this month, A Pink at the Melon Music 2018 Awards ceremony at the Goguryeo Sky Dome in Guro-gu, Seoul, said, "We're back in January, I'll give you a good song because I'm working hard."

All tickets for the Epic Concert "Pink Collection: Red and White" were sold in just 3 minutes.

"Pink" returned to his fans within six months since his first appearance on 7 July "7 and 6". Fans are pleased to announce that Apex, which had a long period of time, has recorded a faster-than-expected return.

Ei-Pink, who first appeared in 2011, is a member of "FIVE", "I Can Make You Happy", "Remember" 'LUV' ' Chu '' NoNoNo 'and many other visits. In recent years, the concept of "Cheung Soon Charisma" has shown "No 1", and has succeeded in making a strong shift and opening another head.

IBINK is on the list of participants at the SBS Gayo Daejeon Music Awards on 25 December

Epic received the Pop Culture Award at the 8th Korea Wave Awards

In addition, A-pink continues to lead the group of outstanding girls with high achievements in personal activities outside the group. Each member was very active in various fields such as solo record, film, drama, advertisement, etc. It is hoped that Ei-Pink, who sent a fantastic 2018, will appear in the next year of 2019.

A Pink is a South Korean band, formed in 2011, consisting of six girls. The band was founded by Cube Entertainment. The band consists of Park Chu Rong, Yun Bomi, Jong Eun Jie, Sun Na On, Kim Nam Jo, Oh Ha Young. Hong Kyung, who left the group in April 2013 to focus on her study.

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