al wasal series a strong start and a high viewing rate

al wasal series a strong start and a high viewing rate
al wasal series a strong start and a high viewing rate 

Yesterday I followed the first episode of the series "Al - Wasal" Al - Waqal for me what it means to meet .. Talk about the series in short and without burning ... The series is beautiful .. In which the high ambiguity Ahit Aziz Aziz and many heroine after her love, the first time to follow her work but Love, God willing, be a sweet series .. But the most beautiful things in the series is the music, very beautiful watching the first episode: 4,41.
Watch the first episode of Here

The ratio is very good .. But it is the only series
 that show now means that after the serials such as the pit, the covenant, the forbidden apples .. can be maintained by the #vuslat.

Oa reiting as a start, and God willing, more and more rises in the coming days and the series is wonderful and more magnificent

The handsome star Kadyer Doglo will play the role of Aziz Korkmaz in the series Voslat director of a huge company lives a love story is like impossible and mysterious life.

I was expecting him to be sweet and have a vague and sure to follow him originally channel government Mafi arrest Alhamdallah.

The heroine is represented in the National Part II, the Turkish girl captive captive Greek leader.

The first episode of the serial #vuslat rank

Sixth with 4.41 percent

Total / 6 / 4.41

Ab / 2 / 5.45

Abc1 / 4 / 5.18

Your expectations have succeeded with the series Alawatat

# Connection

#Vuslat, # the receipt

#devrimozkan, #kadirdogulu

The ratio is sweet as the first episode and the category of Ab is high and continues to continue as well and rises in the Aljaiya weeks with the flag of the government channel.

The story of the series Vuslat about the story of a meeting on the chess book Alarifin to Ben Arabi will talk about Vuslat, which fights for the life of her family, and Maher, who is the director of a huge company faces obstacles to test his love, and the great secret of the past.

Staff: Kadir Dogulu, Devrim Özkan, Mehmet Özgür.

Scriptwriter: Betul Yagsagan

Directed by: Murat Onbul

Country: Turkey

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