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Burcu Biricik reveals exciting details of her new series

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Burcu Biricik reveals exciting details of her new series 

The Turkish star BurcuBiricik has revealed exciting details about her new series "Kuzgun": "There are two very close policemen, one of whom is forced to betray the other, one of which is the life of his family is destroyed and the other moves on to a dark but rich side. His life and his family, and our roads intersect again after years. "

Actor Parish will represent the character of "Kozjun", a young man seeking revenge for his father who was caught in a trap. Borgo will embody the character of "Della" Kozgun's lawyer and love of his childhood.

"Kozjun" will wait 20 years to avenge his father, policeman Yusuf. After separating from his family at an early age, he lived another hobby instead of "exploring" and working in the guard. Kozjun decided to move to Istanbul to avenge his father and his childhood. His roads will intersect years later with the love of his childhood, "Della", who became his lawyer.

The story is new, but even if rich and poor and even if the text of the throat with the eyes of my building, the important enthusiasm to cut scenes of childhood in Urgob place to open self.

The story disappointed me but I still have hope in the success of the series a great success ... Come to see the good sweet countries.

There are reports about the completion of the Kuzgun crew, and the cast will include surprising names to be announced this week from the planned show in the second week of February BarışArduç, BurcuBiricik.

BurakUyanık joined the crew of the "Kozhjun" series as Keesk's closest friend, Kozjun.

 On Wednesday, January 9, there was an uproar to support the series. The first tweet would be from arducbrshaber's account at 9 pm kuzgun, barişarduç, burcubircik.

The series Kuzgun starring Parish Ardush and Borgo Perjek.

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