Sherine Rida publishes a guest film poster via "Instagram"

Sherine Rida publishes a guest film poster via "Instagram"
Sherine Rida publishes a guest film poster via "Instagram"

"The guest, not just an isolated person at dinner, is the guest film, with all the theaters on January 9." The film, on its first day, generated revenues of 155,000 and 235 million dollars EGP.

Date of presentation: 8 January 2019The drama takes place around a young man who comes to dinner with the family of Dr.

 Yahya Hussein al-Tijani at the invitation of his daughter, who loves this boy, but Dr. Yashir is the worst of his days after being assigned a guard because of threats to follow him.
Directed by:
Hadi Al-Bagouri (Director)
Khaled Al Sawi, Ahmed Malik, Sherine Rida, Jamila Awad, Mohamed Mamdouh, Majid El Kadwani.
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