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Ariana Grande 7rings ranked first Rings

Ariana Grandi's new 7Rings takes first place in iTunes United States and Erica Grande celebrated her Twitter account on the occasion of the arrival of her new 7 rings song, the first place in most of the world.

As the song became Arianna Grande 'thank u, next' the first single song of a female artist in history completes 50 days in the first place in Spotify around the world.

 "Arianna Grandi is the greatest, she has gone through so many tragedies in her life, and now she is reshaping the idea of ​​a full pop star, she is making songs any time she wants, or when she wants to say anything, .

The song "Without Me" goes beyond Ariana Grande's song "thank u, next" and takes first place in the Billboard 100 this week!

 Ariana Grande also broke the record for the most watched YouTube video in 24 hours.

Internet users were shocked by the fact that Ariana Grande was 100% white and not Latin.

 The last news of Ariana Grandi confirms that she went to visit Davidson's house after he threatened suicide: "I'm downstairs and I will not go anywhere else ... I'm very sorry because I said that stupid joke ... ... I did not mean any harm ... I want everyone to be healthy and happy. "He said.

Through her Twitter account, Ariana Grandi hinted that she would not date any man throughout the year, and perhaps "throughout her life."


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