Join the actor Nesreen Jawadzadeh for the series "Apple Haraam"

According to a new story: the actress Nisreen Jawadzadeh joined the crew of the series "Apple Harem" and will be the new scourge on Andr Wildes.

Confirm the joining of actor "Nisreen Jawad" series of "Apple forbidden" and according to allegations will become the new scourge of Lildes and Endr Shraikm in addition?

NesrinCavadzade, YasakElma

This year she will be involved in two different foreign films.

From our story to the forbidden apples, this is what they call misappropriation and that means there are plans to continue the series of Apple Haraam for the third season.

"The forbidden Apple" series will continue for a third season, and the possibility of writing a new female character to play actress Nisreen Jawadzadeh in the new season, which begins in September 2019.

Nisreen was called to the tests of the famous Spanish series LaCasaDePapel, and last week went to London and is now waiting for the result. If they win the team will be organized by the character of the Turkish girl "Istanbul".

I can not give up all of it until the end of the part !!! I think before the end of the segment and Zainab is very possible linked to the limits of the hard and hard, Elihan imposed on him on a frozen imposed imposed

Most often, Ender knew about the illness of Elhan and the reason for the hatred of Khaled and Htbtzh they prefer Mutawinin, Elhan old mistake that he is under.

As I expected Zahra and Kamal to marry because of Kamal's rescue of Erim because Khaled was forced to agree, of course he was there and he was pleased to learn about their marriage as evidence that Zahra ask him if he said Lildez or not.

And what we need to say is that Kamal is covering Yildiz and Vikul that he is the one who told her that she had reached Khalid's mobile and wiped away his message and continued with him without having anything:

Do you think Dondar and Zaynab remain among them need? Dondar Saab only if the need to look at her changed and changed her pride because she did not love except Elhanan. But I think Bdain Dondar will not be harassed by him Deloitte and the people of the labor says impossible and very sure in itself absolves the one doubts.

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