The most difficult world football injuries have been filmed

The most difficult world football injuries have been filmed
The most difficult world football injuries have been filmed

In this video we learn about the most famous and dangerous sports stadium injuries to players, especially the international football players, who keep them away for long periods of time, some of whom caused a chronic health problem that puts an end to his football career.

. These injuries often occur as a result of the wrong movement of the player, or due to warm up, or because of the return to play before the completion of the previous injury treatment, or other reasons; such as the players violent movements and interventions during the game, including: fracture, ligament rupture, ankle sprain , Various wounds, and muscle strain.

These players are subject to injuries that may at times be highly jeopardized for their professional career, or less likely to be absent from major football venues. This is particularly true of Liverpool's Englishman Mohamed Salah in the Champions League final of 2017/2018.

Manchester United's Keirun Dyer, who lost his future after a leg fracture, also lost the Portuguese, who won the fruits of his reckless injury to the cruciate ligament that kept him out of Real Madrid's career. Italy's Nesta, who lost his luster and status as the world's best defender with multiple injuries, has caused German player Schneider to retire after a chronic injury. The same is true of Willy Sagnol, J is one of the first and most famous cases of breaking the leg in the English stadiums as well as Totti injury before the 2006 World Cup and Michael Owen and Luis Felipe Deportivo player and the King of the Acronym Juventus of Italy Del Piero and Swede Henrik Larsson and German Dezlr.

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