The series of the second episode high viewing rate

The series of the second episode high viewing rate
The series of the second episode high viewing rate

Obviously the followers wonder their work rate increased but the real exam is next Monday and then know if it succeeds or not and in all cases the work will continue for the end of the season as a minimum limit Vuslat What is customary Rejoice and do not inflame the proportion seen Halo and the two Jay together and the promise and drilling Nashloh maintains the ratio, although the channel Government and the danger.

Watch the serial series of the second episode and you can watch

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Total / 2 / 6.58

 Ab / 2 / 7.38

Abc1 / 2 / 7.87


I do not know how to make it.

It seems that the series Al-Wasal has managed to mobilize a large audience and a broad public base with the presentation of the second episode yesterday in Turkey.

The series is presented on the Turkish trt1 channel, which does not follow the viewing rates, but will continue to display even if the lowest viewing rates.

Al Wasal series will be shown Monday from every week.

I liked the series but very vague in the things Mavhtha especially Aziz is not good and not evil! And unique Qut Qut her love with her representation of cool but possible with the episodes prove herself and her character similar to Nariman Ptahp war Alsalp Abdullah Abdullah Aziz and Saleh and dream Aziz puzzle of this Mafhth! Aziz from the characters close to my heart and what the representative love it represented by the feelings of Hlrzowo and the cadres in the form of Jijnnn and luxurious personality fits him perfectly I wish to take his right to Wright and luck with the next episodes vuslat KadirDoğulu.

After the series of Fadilah Maajani any enthusiasm for the series only to what I saw the first episode of the Vuslat.

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