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Drama Sky Castle accused of stealing song We All Lie

Drama Sky Castle accused of stealing song We All Lie
Drama Sky Castle accused of stealing song We All Lie

Drama Sky Castle responds to charges of plagiarism about We All Lie,

JTBC's "SKY Castle" has responded to accusations of plagiarism surrounding its famous song "We All Lie" by Ha Jin.

Earlier, Internet users raised the similarity between the American artist Bea Miller in "To The Grave" and "We All Lie" by Ha Jin. You can hear "To The Grave" by Bea Miller below, followed by "We All Lie" by Ha Jin.

In response to these allegations, a source of the drama said on January 30: "We have checked with the music director, the song We All Lie" does not include plagiarism. "

Sky Castle 2018 - Korean Drama Castle of Heaven.

Work Story: Drama was filmed in a four-story residential building on the outskirts of Seoul, inhabited by people like judges, prosecutors, doctors, university professors and their wives. The drama will depict their efforts to enroll their children in good universities as some have grown up in families with generations of doctors or lawyers. Thus, their ambitions will be presented in a comedic and realistic manner.

     [User opinions]    

1. I do not know, I just want to come Friday fast ... I'm dying to see the end.

2. Well this is a mistake on the perfect drama, please admit the mistake and reach a compromise with the original songwriter, it has been changed in a way I do not think there will be any legal obligation but I admit that the music choir and the public song seem undeniably undeniable, It is unfair to steal someone else's efforts without any compensation in return, just like the drama plot itself ... Please feel embarrassed.

3. I hope they will admit it and apologize! I want everything about this drama to be perfect until the end ~~ 4. [+154, -11] Yet it looks very similar

5. It looks similar but in both cases, all I'm waiting for is the last episode

6. It has been impersonated though. No matter how popular the drama is, the error remains wrong and must be recognized

7. The music director must listen to it himself because the audience's ears are not closed. This is for sure. Anyone can hear how the two voices are alike. Just admit it and apologize. Why do they make the debate too big?

8. If they deny it, then they think we are fools

9. They're so not only alike, they're exactly the same sound

10. I listened to 'To the Grave' and the same ㅡ ㅡ from the voice tone to dictation, everything was copied


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