polio vaccination campaign from 1 to 5 years

موانع تطعيم شلل الاطفال الفموي, زيادة جرعة تطعيم شلل الاطفال ,انواع لقاح شلل الاطفال, هل تطعيم شلل الاطفال يسبب سخونة ,الاكل بعد تطعيم شلل الاطفال, جرعة شلل الاطفال الفموي, تطعيم شلل الاطفال بالانجليزي ,هل لقاح شلل الاطفال يسبب حرارة

The Health Directorate in Cairo starts on Sunday, 2019, a polio vaccination campaign from 1 to 5 years, from today until 27 February 2019. The campaign lasts for 4 days in all governorates, including Egyptian and non-Egyptian children in this age group The Minister of Health and Population confirmed that the vaccination is 100% security, pointing out that the World Health Organization is monitoring the implementation of the campaign on an ongoing basis.

This comes as part of the efforts of the Ministry of Health and the Health Directorate in Cairo to eradicate poliomyelitis. The campaign is aimed at vaccinating 16.5 million children in order to keep Egypt free from polio. As part of these efforts, the Directorate provided all the needs of the campaign in all districts, through the availability of the serum, in the health units, and its availability with mobile and stationary teams on the streets.

The Presidency of the neighborhoods of Al-Zawah Al-Hamra, Dar Al-Salam and other neighborhoods of Cairo, expressed readiness for the campaign, through the preparation of health units and follow-up teams fixed and moving streets, and confirmed living devices that the vaccination free of charge.

The Directorate of Health in Alexandria announced the launch of the national campaign against poliomyelitis, in cooperation between the Ministry of Health in Alexandria and the World Health Organization for free, from one to five years. The ministry also carries out vaccination campaigns against the disease annually to ensure the raising of the social immunity of children, Free of the disease. .

Governor of Beni Suef, the governor of Beni Suef, announced on Sunday the start of the national vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis on Sunday in all centers and cities of the province, which aims to vaccinate children in the age range from one day to five years from 8 am to 5 pm as part of the state plan to keep Egypt free. Of poliomyelitis.

The Ministry of Health will deploy fixed teams next to mosques, churches, clubs, markets, train stations, metro, car parks and public parks to provide free vaccination services.

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