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Dimit Ozdemir completes her 27th year today

 Dimit Ozdemir completes her 27th year today
Dimit Ozdemir completes her 27th year today

Tuesday 26 February The birthday of the nice actress Dimit Uzdemir, who is 27 years old, we wish her a happy birthday DemetÖzdemir @@ IyikiDoğdunDemet.

Happy Birthday of Dimit Ozdemir, who completes her 27 th birthday today! DemetÖzdemir Dimit Ozdemir is a Turkish television and film actress born on February 26, 1992 in Kogali, Turkey. She was famous in the Arab world for her role in the series Strawberry Smell as Aseel.

She excelled in the roles of the championship despite her young age and was able to achieve great successes, especially as she was known in the romantic comedy and created it. She is Dimit Ozdemir, the hero of "Strawberry Smell," "Room 309", and finally the highly successful "Early Bird" series.

Two French producers will set up a new network for online serials. They will visit Turkey at the end of February to meet Kivanc Tatlitug, Engin Accorik, Jokhan Alkan, Karam Bursin, Ibrahim Chilikul, Jan Yaman and Dimit Ozdemir to choose the actor who will perform in their new series.
Dimit Ozdemir is a beautiful actress, because she is about 170 cm tall and her weight does not exceed 55 kg. In addition, she is keen to take care of her elegance and exercise a lot, and considers her first talent as the most important dance that helps her to get softness and agility.
Actress Dimit Uzdemir saying: "I love so much this series" # SiyahBeyazAşk
"I was very angry in the meantime, you had to show my face how it was." # SiyahBeyazAşk # GöründüğüGibiDeğil #AsFer
After the series "Strawberry Smell" entered into a love affair with the protagonist of the Turkish actor Joseph C., but they separated, and then associated with artist Oskir Odikir for four months and separated. Today, rumors circulate about her involvement with the protagonist of the series "Early Bird" Jean Yaman, after they detected the lenses of the cameras with several times, but Jean Yaman deny it and said they are just friends.
The Turkish star won the Golden Butterfly Award: PanteneAltınKelebek Best Actress in a Romantic / Comedy series,
Sitskin Uzdemir was seen with his friends in a place in Nishantashi the night before. Szechkin Uzdemir, who did not appear on many nights after his separation from Dmitry Uzdemir, attracted attention from his miserable state. # SeçkinÖzdemir
The actor Jean Yaman separated from his girlfriend a while ago, in a press interview refused to disclose whether he lived a love story or not, while praising his partner in the series "early bird" Dimit and said that since the first day between them harmony, an active personality and funny.
Rumors of actors Jan Yaman and Dimit Ozdemir have long been the hero of the Turkish series "Early Bird," as newspaper reports indicate that the love they live on the screens during the series has moved to reality.
The Turkish duo refused to comment on the news and did not appear together, making the
rumors less.

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