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Turkish actresses with foreign celebrities

Turkish actresses with foreign celebrities
Turkish actresses with foreign celebrities 

Turkish actors and actresses are among the most beautiful artists and artists on the Internet and social networks. The Turkish actresses are among the most distinguished artists in terms of fame, beauty and glamor all over the world. Turkish drama is one of the most important serials that is followed especially by the Arab audience.

Actress Fahriye evcen Honorary Afgan and Indian actress Aishwarya Rai.

The honor of Afgan is a Turkish-German actress. She is the mother of Circassian origin and a Turkish father of the displaced people of the city of Kavala

Birth: 4 June 1986 (32 years old), Zolingen, Germany

Length: 1.73 m

Husband: Burak Ozhjevit (married 2017)

Education: University of the Bosphorus (2014), University of Düsseldorf

Brethren: Neşe Evcen, Ayşen Evcen, Demet Evcen.

Aishwarya Rai, actress and Indian fashion model. She began her career as a fashion model before entering the cinema where she won the Miss World title in 1994. Aishwarya has appeared in films in various languages ​​including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali. She started her work in 1997 and was very impressed with her performance.

Birth: 1 November 1973 (45 years old), Mangalore, India

Length: 1.65 m

Husband: Abhishek Bachchan (Married 2007)

Actress tuba buyukustun Tuba Buyukuston

.Angelina Jolie and Angelina Jolie

Tuba Buyukuston, a Turkish actress, took part in the role of Velez from the years of loss and beauty of black love.

Birth: July 5, 1982 (age 36 years), Istanbul, Turkey

Length: 1.73 m

Husband: Onor Saylak (married 2011-2017)

Movies: Istanbul Red, Father and Son, Ask Your Heart, Julisar, The Way of Love, The Test, Memories of the Wind, More, The Jungle

.Children: Maya Saylak, Tuprak Saylak

Angelina Jolie was born on June 4, 1975 in Los Angeles. She is an American actress and has won three Golden Globe Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and one Oscar Award. Angelina is known for her many charities and has been selected several times for the most influential women's award worldwide.

Birth: June 4, 1975 (age 43 years), Los Angeles, California, United States

Length: 1.69 m

Boys: Shiloh Novell, Maddox Jolie Pitt, Vivian Marcellin Jolie, Pax Thien Jolie Pitt, Flower Julie Pitt, Leon Marcellin Jolie

Husband: Brad Pitt (married 2014-2016), Billy Bob Thornton (married 2000-2003), Johnny Lee Miller (married 1996-1999)

And advertising faces for maybelline Maybelline.

Melissa Senolsun Melissa Senolsun

With Adrian Alima Adriana Lima

Melissa Sinolson

TV actress

Birth: 24 September 1996 (22 years old), Izmir, Turkey

Length: 1.7 m

TV Shows: Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar

.Brothers: Efecan Şenolsun

Adriana Francesca Lima is a Brazilian fashion model who has been known as a Victories Secret for women's underwear since 2000 and has worked for Mipi Lin Cosmetics from 2003 to 2009.

Birth: June 12, 1981 (age 37 years), Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Height: 1.78 m

Husband: Marco Garrick (Married 2009-2016)

Children: Valentina Lima Jarić, Sienna Lima Jarić

The foreigners are better in their elegance and arrangement than their beauty.

Aishwarya Aktar person Bahbo Kansanh and Ktmtal and Kgal is an icon Fbaha more than all but I am American films and Indian films and serials and Turkish films.

Beauty exists in the whole earth, but self - interest has a big role and I Mashaova in the Turks never but from the womb of my Lord Vashov foreigners.

 Hahahahahahaha Turkish Hlwat Bbddd means the representatives of the Turks Mihtmon themselves means a beautiful repentance but recognized beauty highlights.

Arabs imagine with Turks and Turks imagine with foreigners and foreigners imagine with some and what is the limit and in Pina Yadnia

 In it, a lot of Jadawaa, sweet dreams, Turkey, a million million, and you, of course, Mashovtehomsh all, not even a quarter of them.

A woman of the side of Ashwarya, she is beautiful, like her, and her father is a presence and a charm in the image. Tuba Gump, Angelina Hassenni, is less than normal. Beauty is nothing without the spirit and gravity in the face of the person.

The minute you love him to wear them and their sister! I love Latak because of their representation and their time with the fans and their backstage behind the scenes in the series, but we like it as a form and not as a chalice ever.

Beauty exists all over the world from the largest to the smallest of his beauty exists and Turkey violin where the beautiful but the attention of self has a very large role are sweet true but most Turks Maithmoa themselves never more than their feelings and styles of Haji even feeling strong and combed the newspaper pick them everywhere and the largest example Tuba and Beren Shoufi last appearance ..

Indian beauty and the image of this tajaghi ashwarya covered them with their attractiveness.

Tuba and Angelina on them the beauty of Mavi like Vahriya and Ashwarya Yablon but the eagles move little Turks care about themselves and their illusions.


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