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big names who have dropped follow up jung jun


because of the present outrage, in excess of 30 VIPs were following jung joon more youthful's record in the course of recent days, a posting incorporated by method for net clients of these who've so far disregarded him.

 Park Jooho (soccer player
child heung min (drop watch up + erase picture with him) 

do hwae jee 



park myung soo 


gook gabi 

yoo in youthful 

radiant (dropped pursue + erased comments) 


kim ji suk 

joo charm jae (watcher) 

yoo hye joo (olzang) 




lee se youthful 

park boram 

lee chung ah 

jo kwon 

hong jin more youthful 


sam hammington 

jung chaeyeon 


moon chae got 

jung yoomi (his associate inside the program we have hitched) 

plan supper lee yeon bok (drop watch up + erase picture with him) 

*also erased picture worried about jung joon more youthful 
**additionally erased criticism + photograph amped up for jung joon youthful 
in various news, strong individuals from '1 night and 2 days', comprehensive of cha tae hyun and kim jun ho, were blamed for illicit hitting the fairway betting from confirmations separated from jung joon youthful's cellphone. 

inside the middle of seoul metropolitan police enterprise's examination concerning which superstars took an interest inside the kakaotalk chatroom that seungri and over the top profile purchasers used to supposedly request prostitution, it has been accounted for that artist jung joon youthful changed into one of the VIPs concerned who promptly shared shrouded film of women inside the chatroom. 

because of the record, jung joon more youthful's association said that he's by and by inside the america and that he neither affirmed or denied these reports, however will adapt to them when he comes back to korea. 

TV character. He previously picked up acknowledgment in Mnet's unscripted tv ability appear, Superstar K4 (2012), where he completed third place.[2] In 2013, he turned into the most youthful individual from KBS's theatrical presentation 2 Days and 1 Night Season 3. He facilitated his very own radio program titled MBC FM's Jung Joon-youthful's Simsimtapa (2014) and made his wide screen debut in Love Forecast (2015). From 2015 to March 2019, Jung was the lead vocalist of musical crew Drug Restaurant, recently known as JJY Band,[3] discharging their first collection "Getaway to Hangover" in May 2015.[4][5] 

Since his official presentation with the arrival of first Mini Album in October 2013, Jung has won the "New Male Solo Artist" grant for its title track "이별 10분전 (The Sense of an Ending)" at the third Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards. He at that point discharged oneself delivered second small collection, Teenager, which contained six self-formed tracks on June 26, 2014. Jung had his Taiwan fan meeting in 2013 and tailed it with his first abroad feature in Taipei in July 2014. He played out oneself stated "하루만 (I'm Nobody)" at the Pretty Man OST Japan Concert in July 2014. He held a show visit in China in November 2014 and performed in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai.[6] Jung made his American show debut amid K-CON 2014 as an entertainer and host.[7] 

In March 2019, Jung resigned from media outlets, as a piece of the Burning Sun outrage, conceding that he had "shot ladies without their assent and shared it in a chatroom".[8] This was in the midst of charges of him having furtively taped his own sex recordings and afterward imparted them to friends.[5]

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