The daughter of Nawal Al Zoghbi Tia Deeb in the celebration of the album Kada Bay

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The daughter of Nawal Al Zoghbi Tia Deeb in the celebration of the album Kada Bay

The daughter of Lebanese artist Nawal Al-Zoghbi attended the launch ceremony of her mother's album, which was attended by her grandmother, who was keen to attend the launch of her new album "Kada Bay". She is listening to the songs of her new mother's album, amid the attendance of a number of
officials and artists.

Nawal Al Zoghbi launched the new album "Kada Bay" and the launch ceremony of the Golden Star album Nawal Al Zoghbi was transformed into a technical event in which he was accompanied by surprises including the presence of the Lebanese rich Sun Najwa Karam and other Lebanese stars and the presence of Nawal Al Zoghbi's family, In addition to the presence of Tia was not surprising to the ceremony of her mother, especially as it had already initiated the opening lines of reconciliation with them, a few weeks ago, when I started to congratulate her when announcing the completion of the album to dissipate this atmosphere completely and return water to the streams or on The least advertised is that nothing is B This relationship also attended the mother Nawal Zoghbi support and support.

 Nawal Al-Zoghbi presented a series of her musical works, which she will present in the album. She made sure to take commemorative pictures with the audience, especially her daughter Tia and her mother. The Rotana Audio and Video Company celebrated the release of Nawal Al Zoghbi's latest album "Kada Bay". Nawal Al Zoghbi is expected to shoot a song for the upcoming album.

Nawal Al Zoghbi's album "Keda Bay" includes 10 different songs, such as "Sobh Sobh", "Goh Kublah", "Mesh Khayafa", "Mahaya", "Keda Bay", "El Barassi", "Ah Sidi" and "Mieh" Wrench, "" beauty is his people "and" difficult days ". Nawal Al-Zoghbi collaborated with a large number of poets, composers and composers including Amir Taaima, Ayman Bahgat Amar, Khaled Taj Eddine, Amr Mostafa, Nadim El Shaeri, Amr El Masry, Touma and Elhamy Dahima.

Nawal al-Zoghbi is a Lebanese singer with Canadian citizenship. She was born in the region of Djel Deeb and was nicknamed "The Golden Star". She is one of the most successful Lebanese singers in the history of contemporary oriental music and in the Arab world.

Nawal al-Zoghbi's latest album was "No Permissive" in 2015, and during this period she launched several singles songs, while her last single "Aries" was released late last year.

Lebanese singer Nawal al-Zoghbi Tizar presented the seventh clip of her new album "Kada Bay", titled "Ah Sidi" before the album was released in conjunction with Valentine's Day, February 14.

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