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the second film of cencoroll and setting the date in june


10 years after the essential motion picture .. saying the second film of cencoroll and setting the date in june. 

cencoroll's authentic site has as of late divulged the second one dispatch of cencoroll interface, in the event that you need to be screened on june 29, 2019, as demonstrated previously. 

the main motion picture was propelled in 2009 and a second film transformed into declared in 2010, anyway the test at the same time vanished to return in 2014 with another show, photograph and date set inside the late spring of 2014. the film comes back to the film in january 2019 from aniblix roughly the return of the test. 
while a huge, absurd beast suddenly lingers on the horizon of an eastern city, the foreseen occurs—the japan self-preservation powers reveal the tanks while the overall population alarms. nobody knows about what it's far or in which it arrived from.
 yet yuki, a striking and curious high school female, has a mystery anyway may be a valuable intimation. her companion tetsu has been stealthily being worried for an odd animal known as cenco, for you to rapidly substantiate itself to have a couple of amazing.

 even impractical attributes. some other young kid, an outsider with some puzzling hyperlink to the giant assaulting the town, demonstrates up, and his unwelcome enthusiasm for tetsu's pup snuffs out any uncertainty of an association—and lights the wire for the moving toward fight. 

at the same time, the white vast animal that appeared in the town, the chaps who control it, and the woman with an inquisitive alternate way. 

speedy movement alluded to as "sencoror" that is beaten by utilizing free creative energy, which skims from the presentation screen . 

vigorous as a manga craftsman and artist 

, furthermore perceived inside the man or lady plan of "tsu ball" and "degimon experience tri." 

this works of art, made by method for about one creator, uki u, was 

an eager fan at the season of its dispatch in 2009 reason a response. 

...... the mission is restarted subsequent to ending an all-encompassing quiet of around 10 years. we show up in the front of us as "sencoror join". 

which blends the main compositions, which have turned into a legend, and the second one works of art, that is a quick continuation .

a dangerous unmistakable sense, an 

incalculable movement that joins delicacy and savagery , 

what's more, a scale-up that is a beguiling perspective in which the riddle calls a secret. 

along the edge of the "sencorole join", which does never again lose clean impact yet, 

we can rediscover the mastery of "uki aoi".

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