evaluation the fourth episode of season 8 of game of thrones

the fourth episode of the 8th season of game of thrones, "the ultimate of the stars" changed into better for me than the primary three episodes of the season.

this episode made me sense that i am following the first seasons of the arush warfare, the seasons with effective dialogues and logical surprises, a circle wherein sarsi embodied evil by representing it and its expressions to the fullest.

the beginning of the episode with the humans of the north, they collect the diaspora themselves and bury their dead in moments of effective and sad after the war wintrfel 
evaluation the fourth episode of season 8 of game of thrones
evaluation the fourth episode of season 8 of game of thrones 

turned into the maximum critical in this starting is the ghost, who survived the mill, even though he became within the vanguard, loads and thousands of useless were in front of him, but managed to live to tell the tale not like the summer via a few dozen lifeless. on the complete we're all happy with the go back of ghost!

in a beautiful scene full of candle lighting fixtures that overwhelm the bloodless north, i used to be reminded of the eating corridor in hogwarts in harry potter, 

where the northerners have a good time their
victory over the king of the night. dramatic emotional moments that deniers attempted to make the most for her through appointing governor of storms give up (the parathion stronghold) now not demanding the throne, and on the equal time won the alliance beneath its wing.

as for deniers, in time, her brother veseris, who became reckless and desired at all costs, regarded just like the distinction that deniers nonetheless had some endurance and staying power, or at the least till the cease of the episode.

the rest of the armies and fleets which can be moving underneath denirece are enough to fight serecy, in addition to the dragons of course, 

but the velocity of deniers finally led to the lack of a dragon, in addition to assisting missandi and a big part of its fleet.
but the most ironic aspect become the parking of deniers in the front of the walls of kings touchdown with some dozen soldiers and worrying that sircy step down. 

what turned into once tens of thousands of infantrymen and followers was numerous dozen just because of haste and impotence, and impatience to regain "what belongs to", which eventually price her a part of the fleet and certainly one of its dragons, and maysandi.

at some point of the eight seasons among the poor and the terrible, the poor mother of dragons commenced to take a new course of arrogance 

. she desired to get better her throne at any value, even on the fee of harmless folks that might fall sufferer to sarsi. the guilt of killing harmless human beings, other than her request and her stupid insistence on john now not to expose his fact to his sisters and the survival of his mystery among them.

john does not need the iron throne just as he did not want the throne of the north, but the wind and the spears do no longer choice the targarian and their ships.

after deniris requested john to keep the secret and now not to tell absolutely everyone, after john requested sansa and arya to preserve the secret and now not to inform all and sundry. 

i'd count on that sansa asked tyrone to keep the name of the game and no longer to tell everyone. faris stated that this "secret" he and terrion have been divided across the iron throne and his proper to john.

faris is a man of the humans and works for the people, and he needs john to upward push to the iron throne due to the fact the people love him and want him, however deniers is willing to sacrifice harmless people with a purpose to recover what she has, something which varis does now not trust. so explicitly and without delay.

in flip, arria gently rejected the invitation of gendree lord of storms ind. it isn't in her purpose to settle within the north that she still has suspended works (like clegen). 

positive, it went south to lock its list and cease it, the mountain remains on its list and wants to seal it, but what's sudden is that it stated it will now not go back to the north.

after years of barbaric savagery in tormond, and no matter his breast-feeding of giants, we see on this episode his emotional facet and 

his damaged coronary heart because of bryan of truth, that belle who did not look down on his heart due to the southern knight, jimmy the king.

the ones looks among bryan and jamie, specially at the quit of the preceding season, have been not simply regular looks 

and brian's naming of the seven kingdoms by way of jimmy in the preceding episode become no nonsense. the 2 stuck fire and broke the coronary heart of terrible tormond.

in any case this jamie unexpectedly makes a decision to go back to serecy and leave behind the north and bryan, who begged him to live to tell the tale, a surprising position got here after the information that gregoe had surprised deniers and the capture of maysandi, and provoked sansa that she would really like to see seressi hanged.

in the beyond jamie had slaughtered the crazy king after he ordered absolutely everyone to burn. could he do the identical with searcy? are you afraid to burn each person as you did earlier than? 

jimmy's position is a piece indistinct, he has given up inside the beyond to preserve his word and fight with the northerners, and has despatched an assassin at the back of him, so he knows perfectly properly that receiving her could never be first-class, except he become planning some thing sudden.

bran proved another time that he became useless handiest to himself. he made his personal chair much like the seat that dayron targarian made 120 years in the past. 

he said inside the preceding episode that maximum of what he does is visit the past, but what about the prevailing? why did no longer he alert deniers that yuron gregor ambushed her sooner or later led to weaken her stubble and kill one in every of her dragons in addition to the capture of misandi?

i can expect that there may be no want for him to discover the road for it, and that he did no longer think about him or each person else that an ambush were erected, ultimately will no longer be named ambush if discovered, hoping to wonder us in the coming episodes actually essential function.

one of the surprises inside the episode is the unexpected appearance of bron and the interrupting of the excellent dialogue that tyrone had with jamie about "mountain climbing", and he proved once more that he changed into working for himself only.

as for serecy, which revolves around all the activities of the closing episodes round her best, and in spite of the dearth of scenes in this episode, but have a presence worth of queen, and strategic questioning match for the lancaster.

after being almost by myself within the previous season, it's miles now almost as effective as deniers' strength, sitting on the throne of the seven kingdoms, its enemies in land and sea, and heaven.

in wellknown, the episode became a higher dramatic dialogue than the closing 3 episodes, reminding us of the primary seasons of the collection and the times of its wealthy drama, hoping that the closing episodes may be the equal rhythm and stage, a exceptional conclusion worthy of the song of ice and fire.

at the cease of this overview i assume it is time to say some very last phrases, so watch the subsequent episode triller, and tell me your comments about the episode, and eventually .. drakaris.
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