Google patent suggests possible controller design for its game streaming service!!

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Google patent suggests possible controller design for its game streaming service!! 

Pft the quality element is that you could choose an option to switch A and B, however it’s handiest in-game. The menus and inventory and so forth nonetheless use the authentic configuration.

because of this entering your name calls for “b” to pick the text discipline, “a” to verify the name (because switch menu makes use of “a”), then “b” to verify in the sport (I assume? Been a long time).

dialogue is especially fucky if you have talk alternatives (consisting of sure/no). believe you just were given to Firelink Shrine and need to sign up for that covenant, so you’ll be speakme to the manner of White guy and hitting the “a” button to undergo the communicate. option to join comes up and you hit “a” manifestly proper? “That’s a disgrace, in case you trade your mind I’ll be right here.” Wait what? Yeah that’s right, the communicate uses the selected config however the speak choice ignores it.

perhaps some of this shit were given patched however it became nearly as shitty a design as darkish Souls 2 on laptopat launch wherein “assault” and “speak” have been both “left click” in a recreation in which misclicks/going for walks/being too far/slightly wrong angle and many others made it default to “attack”. My god did that fuck up a variety of people’s first time in a dark souls game.
proper in which your fingers relaxation so if you get soar scared and preserve it real tight it's going to reset
No, X is at the pinnacle for Nintendo controllers.
that's how it's always been. Their face button format changed into there before the rest of them. Microsoft and Sony are responsible for the forced special-ness of controller face buttons.

i've a eastern ps, everytime I start a brand new sport I dont jbow if its gonna be observe the systems location button mapping or the games region buttons. an increasing number of video games appear to use the O button
have you tried plaing dark Souls Remastered at the transfer? They didn't change the button scheme so they simply fake'b' is 'a' and 'a' is 'b'
I don’t have an Xbox any newer than the authentic but I own 3 Xbox one controllers for my pc and i latterly introduced a switch and i definitely decide on the joycons simply because they feel one of a kind enough that I don’t mess up the buttons. I still mess it up but thankfully I don’t play some thing too aggressive so it’s simply me sending Mario plummeting to his demise.
I don’t thoughts the position being distinctive, I discover the characteristic being distinctive is traumatic. On PS4, the lowest button is “verify” and the proper button is “cancel”. On switch, the bottom button is “cancel” and the left button is “confirm”.

name them Q, nine, $, and mxlypx for all I care, simply maintain the same functions on the identical buttons.
In japanese subculture a red ◯ manner yes or ok and blue ╳ means no or wrong. This aggregate of shapes and shadesdo not have the identical which means in Western cultures, so gamers alternatively focused on the colours of the shapes.

In western cultures purple usually approach no or incorrect and blue (or green) suggest sure or ok, and gamers targetedat the blue ╳ for alternatives because Western cultures regularly use ╳ as a selector similar to ✓.

finally the blue ╳ became the pick button on playstation video games in the western markets even as red ◯ stayed the pick out button in Japan.
Yeah but to me both X and O can suggest good enough whilst X additionally has a that means of Cancel (we nearapplications by using clicking on a pass in the rop proper corner in the end). I think the handiest cultural distinction is that X cannot have the good enough which means in Japan, but western players are possibly extra burdened with the reversal than if it stayed the same as Japan tbh
G is in which the X is on on PS4, name it the G spot (most critical button). O on the left, L on the pinnacle because it getsyou excessive. E is on the east. i really like it, Google hire this man.
They should call the buttons G O O G just for the more little bit of humor.

"Press G to shoot and G to leap, or you can use alternate controls with O to shoot and O to jump"
Yeah i would say the 360 format changed into about as perfect as they get. Even Nintendo, who're recognized to be batshit with controller designs, essentially buckled to it with the transfer. it is simply an excellent layout.
Even PS4, to me, is a step away fromthe perfection of PS2 pads. no longer purpose i've small palms, but the contrary!

i have lengthy mutant spider fingers and that i need a small controller so i can genuinely shift my grip. now not largechunks of plastic that has me stuck in a static position.

especially now with analogue triggers, i get a variety of strain having to preserve one of these down for a protractedperiod in this position
i'm on computer, and i nevertheless use my ps3 controllers. Bluetooth, so light, exquisite d-pad, stress touchy buttons, terrific battery (bought them in 2009!). I can also use the Sixaxis whilst playing Wii U games on laptop. most effectivecomplaint is the vibration, truely unsatisfying in comparison to todays standards
i like certain aspects of the transfer seasoned controller and ps4 controller greater. some hybrid of the three that consists of paddal buttons on the bottom would possibly be my perfect.

I simply really want it to be wired and feature a brief launch protection characteristic like the 360. I hate wi-ficontrollers. I hate traumatic approximately battery price, latency, and random missed inputs due to uncontrollable interference.

I can't use my transfer pro controller at work in our ruin room due to the fact randomly begins having up to twoseconds of lag or completely random inputs... i will simply once in a while maintain strolling off the level in destroy... i've tested it in the person choose and watched the cursor simply flow for as much as a whole 2nd after I preventtouching whatever.
Sorry for the rant.
again to the 360... I still use my vintage wired one to play dks3 PvP and the trigger wells that grasp down experienceuncomfortable for me now after the usage of the seasoned controller a lot for wreck lol.

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