How can a 16 year old make 3000 dollars

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How can a 16 year old make 3000 dollars 

So I’m in a band and we've got a show developing and my different guitarist has this amp and he says if I don’t get it so we can sound the identical I’m out of the band so how can i make 3000 bucks in like 2 months I don’t assume a processwould be the proper manner to go due to infant hard work laws in my location so does any man or woman have any concept.

 How can a 16 year old make 3000 dollars

i might advise shopping for things in bulk and promoting them at a desk with a sign telling humans about shopping foran amp on your band. Ask a nearby business for permission to installation for a while, or cross door to door. sellsomething everyone can use like cookies. sell it for reasonably-priced. plenty of human beings need to aid humanssuch as you, but no person likes a freeloader. this can simplest paintings in case you live in a decently populated placeand are a kind-looking individual.

Imo it seems like you're being used for cash by using the band. if you do purchase the amp hold the receipt, so if they are attempting to kick you from the band and preserve the amp you may have the receipt for it.
 How can a 16 year old make 3000 dollars

web site design, and seldom but possible to discover a local commercial enterprise who desires help with small things, 4K in months is near not possible until your working 50+ hours per week with minimal wage as a regular minimumsalary activity makes 12-14k a 12 months averaging 500-800 a bi weekly paycheck for near full time and full time close to900-1k a pay check and that doesn’t include taxes, and being 15 you truely won’t recover from 40 hours not to mentionover 25
sounds like a dick guitarist maby strive achieving a compromise with him ir getting an audio spliter, wherein you bothproportion the amp.

Edit: additionally why do both guitars need to sound the identical whats the factor if 2 guitars them.
hi there guy, take a look at amp emulator softwares like Line6, BIAS FX or awl FX. with a view to be loads inexpensiveand that i wager you can get almost same sound to your friends amp, and lots more tones :)
you gonna ought to do a little underground task, perhaps doing chores at home or for your grandparents. you can alsoask some family buddies (only if they're k withe the idea of you working "ilegal") to babysit theirr children... or mown some acquaintances grass. possibly chores at domestic may be your salvation. properly luck.

 How can a 16 year old make 3000 dollars

hello guys, am selling decryption key to my mega pressure with nicely over 800 cash making ebooks and techniques, a lot of them paid. HMU on discord or right here on reddit, we will settle a fee. take delivery of BTC/ETH, Paypal.

Discord ~Thrifthook#2440

i'm giving it up for as a minimum 15$, BTW, cause it's worth way over that there's plenty of paid guides.
without a doubt, when you have a few loose time throughout the day, and don’t mind getting paid in Amazon giftplaying cards, take a look at out activity Spotter.

you are taking images of hiring signs and symptoms that companies have up, and relying at the type of keep, area, and so on, they pay you different quantities according to sign. I’ve gotten everywhere from $0.10-$2.00 according to signalbefore.

On a pleasant day with some excellent weather I’ve earned up to $60 in line with day.

you can handiest repeat the same hiring sign as soon as a month I trust, so it’s not refillable every day, but if you stay in a town or someplace with a lot of groups, you can make cash each day you exit.

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