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Minah is finally facing up to her feelings


Looks like Minah is finally facing up to her feelings for love machine YeoJinGoo, and that can only mean one thing – yes, it’s kiss time!! 

More information about the drama 🔻🔻 
💠Gender: Romance, Comedy 
💠Events: 40 
💠Cadena : SBS 
💠Submission period: 15-May-2019 to TBA 
💠 Opening hours: Wednesday and Thursday 22:00 (two episodes in a row) 

A woman works as a special effects makeup artist. Due to a scar caused by love, she now has a cold heart. The woman unexpectedly falls in love with a humanoid robot programmed to be a perfect boyfriend. 
#MinAh as Eom Da Da 
#YeoJinGoo as Young Goo 
#HongJongHyun as Ma Wang Joon 
#HongSeoYoung as Diana 
#KwonHyunSang as Hwang In Hyuk 
#ChaJungWon as Baek Kyu Ri 
#HaJaeSuk as Yeo Woong 
#GongJungHwan as Go Ji Suk 
#ChoiSungWon as Nam Bo Won 
#KimDoHoon as Yoo Jin 
#HongSukChun as Geum Eun Dong 
#ChoiJooWon as Hwa Ni 
#GoJungMin as Ran

Production Credits Edit
Production Company: Apollo Pictures
Director: Jung Jung Hwa
Original writing: Yuu Watase (渡瀬 悠宇)
Screenwriter: Yang Hyuk Moon (양혁문)

it’s important to give love⠀
but it’s important to receive love too.⠀

for luna, gia, ysa, mary, alex, maddie & irene 💌⠀
ac sesiedits (soundcloud)⠀
cc kaisculebra | oc phosiefvmero⠀.

drama: absoluteboyfriend |절대그이⠀
song: i wanna be yours by arctic monkeys⠀


where can i watch it? please say it's not on Netflix cause i don't have one :(. This show looks so good
@suzysh33pdramacools, kissasian or wiki
he's so freaking handsome.. just kill me alr pls-
⚠️SPOILER CAP 10⚠️Drama Absolute Boyfriend 💗Now Da Da is already appreciating my beautiful little robot 😭❤️🔥Lixxie 🔥 

i was made for you.⁣
for tricia kelly ellen & julie ✧∘*⁣

finally you feel something is missing in your heart right, even though he's a Robot, his feelings never lie.

A robot does not reach the one who was to become its owner (girlfriend) and is sent to a makeup artist who previously had a courtship with a famous actor.

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