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tiffany young official going LIVE on IG !!

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tiffany young official going LIVE on IG !!

going live on IG @ 11PM PST+ to have fun the release of Runaway with youwhat is that during KST? we're used to run by way of KST as opposed to our personal timezone for years now besides .

Fany it’s still 4am here must I sleep first or live awake until your ig stay??can't waittttt  11PM PST= 3PM KST and for Indonesian this live at 1PM WIB, 2PM WITA, 3PM WIT.

sure i already set my 2 am alarm cant wait to peer u thanks for the whole lot you’ve performed for us i’m so proud of u hopefully you’re having greater a laugh and extra freedom in developing your tune its been this type of brilliantjourney with u and ur american track just keeps on getting higher and higher i’m loving it a lot to give up it off just have amusing with what ur doing and we’ll constantly be here to help u!!

ain't missing it  gotta get you to note me as soon as and for all 
just call MY name. unwell BE THERE ready  "Runaway" the korean remix model with diva pianist @misschloeflower & the mythical @babyface. 
This complete project turned into a surreal musical second for me & i'm hoping you revel in my loves .

thanks for making this unforgettable moment show up @kevnishfm @itstherascals @hellopolyn  & once again to the maximum magical stunning proficient sweet Chloe Flower in this manufacturing with the one & only Babyface. & unique way to my queen, my sister @sooyoungchoi for all of the heart & notion you install for those lovely korean lyrics! & to my excellent @transparentfeed family thanks for letting me fly (literally). ☁️

Tiffany .. you should get a movie in hollywood together with your visible and your style  OMG 
ARAB a few AND younger ONE here❤️
thanks Tiff for this masterpiece this is the whole lot if this MV doesnt get many awards, i dont realize what's going to  The intro is so stunning im crying y'all 
i'm very thrilled and tremble now that i'm able to announce my solo performances in Seoul. 'Open Hearts Eve' Seoul concert may be held at Yes24 stay hall on August 3, and tickets could be open at Yes24 at 8:00 pm on June 14th. We look forward to seeing you at the concert and we can all meet soon  .

desire it's recorded and televised so international younger ones can see it too
The Korean language is so interesting ,,, crazy ,,, if we are able to get collectively, I assume we can go to space by usingwarm air balloon.
that is giving me foremost Westlife's hey My Love vibe.
i really like you Unnie, i will maintain on supporting you and your extraordinary track! Saranghae, hwaiting. ❤️

As I made this album, it was because I had the courage to play with each selection and staying power as I had a desire to have excellent song and go back to you. i have never doubted that if I were far away, i might recognise my heart if it turned into song with sincerity. it is able to be simply a bit of paper, however the which means of this PLATINUM is that it praises and embraces that i was not wrong after I wakened each moment I wanted to give up within the past yr. it's miles the motive why I need to come again once more, so that i can stand up again and pass returned to tune. thank you for that one, thanks so much for giving me any such massive gift. i will provide you with an amazing tune with nonedoubt.

final night singing LIPS ON LIPS FOR YOU IN SEOUL Felt like a dream  & it nevertheless does bc i discovered out that you made the cd go PLATINUM in per week !!!

i love you i like you i really like you .

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