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8 Parts of the body should never be touched by your hand!!

What are the four parts of the body? How do I teach my child body parts? How do body parts help you learn? How many body parts are there?

Portions of the body ought to never be moved by your hand!! 

So as to safeguard the organs of the body, care must be taken to treat them and contact them, as there are a few sections that ought not to be moved by hand, particularly on the off chance that they are defined. 

The hands are presented to a ton of microbes and germs around us, so we should be cautious in managing different organs of the body, so as not to pass these poisons to the body and cause numerous sicknesses. 

1-The face 

In this way, it ought not to be set on the face until completely cleaned, in light of the fact that it can move microscopic organisms to the face and obstruct pores and lead to the presence of dark pimples, skin break out and skin aggravation. 

Additionally, don't push the pills or pimples by hand since this adds to the presence of scars on the face, which are hard to dispose of later. 

The weight on the grain prompts the spread of contamination in the locale around it, and along these lines the rise of more issues in the skin. 


Your eyes are a standout amongst the most touchy regions in the body, and disease by the hands prompts aggravation because of the presentation of germs, and on the off chance that you need to contact your eyes, you should wash your hands a long time before them, notwithstanding managing them tenderly so as not to cause an issue. 

Where scouring the eyes and around them unequivocally can quicken the presence of wrinkles and dark circles around the eye, and can prompt swelling and swelling of the eye. 

In the event that there is a tingling in the eye, it is prescribed to utilize a saturating eye drop as opposed to scouring it by hand. 

3. Ear 

The internal piece of the ear delicate parts too, so we discover the wax secured to shield them from any microbes or germs can enter them, and any endeavors to put the hand inside the ear expands the odds of microscopic organisms move to them. 

It is in this manner fitting to visit the specialist if there should arise an occurrence of an issue with the ear and maintain a strategic distance from individual endeavors to treat them. 

4. The Nose 

The internal piece of the nose contains sound microscopic organisms, and on the off chance that you put your turn in the nose, you enter unsafe microbes to it, which expands the odds of contamination with microorganisms, particularly in the seasons that expansion the frequency of cold and influenza. 

On the off chance that you need to expel any soil inside your nose, you should utilize tissue paper cautiously, so as not to cause draining nose, particularly if the nails long and sharp. 

5. Mouth 

You ought to likewise be mindful so as to contact your mouth by hand during colds and influenza, since you may contaminate another person, on the grounds that your hand has tainted the mouth, and on the off chance that you shake hands or contact somebody, you can get a similar illness. 

6. Private parts 

Contacting the butt with hands is a decent chance to enter microbes and germs. This likewise applies to the vagina. Microbes can without much of a stretch enter this territory, spreading organisms and causing bothering, tingling and irritation. 

The vagina in ladies contains gainful microbes that secure them normally, and any hurtful microscopic organisms enter this zone can cause numerous issues in ladies. 


Contacting the stomach area with a hand that contains microscopic organisms can cause numerous genuine illnesses and diseases. 

However, this does not imply that you don't spotless it since disregard in cleaning it likewise has dangers, yet be mindful so as to clean it by utilizing cotton and liquor. 

8. Down the nails 

Numerous microscopic organisms and earth live in the region beneath the nails, so washing your hands does not dispose of them totally, particularly in the event that the nails were long. 

It is ideal to keep nails short while keeping your hands perfect and clean.


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