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how to Easy DIY clothing and life hacks that are amazing !!

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 how to Easy DIY clothing and life hacks that are amazing !!

 today I have a 

knock on my head 

how would we fix this by evaluating a few 

additional attire hacks Mac Thank You mind 

you got a gap in the groin of your 

pants state no more 

what is this detailed plan would we be able to get 

a shirt out of this God help us no now is this 

what we're doing today gone ahead truly I 

mean consummately great pair of pants you 

of it no we're going to go with a denim 

tank top unfasten to hotshot your ribs 

wear your bra over your shirt. 

I've been 

treating it terribly my entire life 2019 the 

year of acknowledging stuff a time of just 

acknowledging stuff understanding that we need 

additional help outwardly of our 

shirts .

take up that wasn't the tablecloth she 

had on before get it's so long what 

she simply like Qaeda or got another dress 

OK it's sort of charming without the 

shirt the shirt resembles makes it a 

comparable in my last video however it was simply 

like ungainly and doesn't care for remain however 
the bra should like make it stay huh you 

realize it bodes well we should attempt 

this out you're going to require a bra for 

this one so young men are you out a great deal OK .

so you're going to take your bra and it 

conflicts with all that you've ever 

learned and you're going to put it on top 

of your shirt I realize I've never done 

this previously 

I'll ideally a strapless Rob yet I 

try not to have one of those dark on dark 

okay so you're going to pick a scarf 

it out blanketed would complete a dress just way 

rare strolling abroad I take a gander at three 

stores three stores for one of like the 

long scarves that they use in like these 

recordings and I couldn't locate a long scarf 

I don't have the foggiest idea how this should 

work .

I guess I've ties that is number one 

Jeff's be gone 

such a charming dress please pull it all the 

way goodness alright it's working it's 

working where you figure they can get a 

Red Lobster this sucks I abhor it doesn't 

spread anything this trap doesn't work I 

was here reasoning I could get a dress 

out of a scarf however at this point life is loaded with 

frustrations and this is simply one more 

one gracious my god how she simply do that it's 

like Magic Mike swoosh and the shorts 
are off bra for genuine for genuine she did 

that she did that with shorts better believe it I 

have shorts that way however they're most certainly not 

velvet I will be extremely astonished if 

that works and doesn't make you look 

like a trick OK so we're going to need to 
make sense of how this functions since I have 
no thought she was much the same as wearing them .

what's more, I resembled smoosh so this is presenting 

on the front the groin must be on my 

bear I figure I did it step number 

one however your arm through the leg openings 
that is number two 

put your head do the other leg entire way 

no I think I need to get me out hear me 

out listen to me alright that is charming I see.

where it's going Dutch GQ okay so I 

attempted a not half bad bow goodness my god it's 
night out on the town are you prepared to go what is 

it actually seems as though I put on 

shorts excessively high 

so just talked about here not here what 

is this you take a gander at this who do you 

believe is shorts as a man I likely 

wouldn't see it was on a young lady I think 


you think you know I'm a quack for each 

bear so superior to the last one 

right watch out of ten what do you folks .

think possibly like a seven or eight like 

in the event that I in the event that I didn't think about this and I 

saw a young lady in open I wouldn't know it 

shorts I simply believe it's an abnormal thing 

also, you fell right in their snare 

I accept that I give it a 2 out of 10 

since it covers what it needs to cover 

this is the great old enormous goods cap if 

you need a major goods five moment makes 

got all of you right old pair of tights and 

at that point we're going to cut them into shorts 
got a shot glass in a draw circle hold up 

we just gave it 

so we're making a Batman cover alright at that point 

cut out the eyes and after that put it on gracious 

it resembles those shapewear those goods 

poppers however you can make your very own at 

home I don't have the foggiest idea for what reason that is lovely 

the main issue with those is that if 

you got any color it like crushes your 

thigh I don't have a clue about the shape is strange .
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