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İrem Derici reflected in the lenses in Nişantaşı !!

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(irem derici bir miyiz)
Singer İrem Derici was reflected in the lenses in Nişantaşı the previous day. 
(irem derici chok shukur)
Der Derici said it was very good compared to the past and said, “I have survived them now.
(irem derici fırtınalar) I'm fine now. There is a concert I will go to Bodrum ”.

Didici Soydan reminded the relationship between his ex-lover Leader Sahin Didem
(irem derici hadi gel)
Soydan, did not want to comment on this topic. 
Ici Is it true that you introduced the duo before?  Derici said, “I have dinner on the stove.(irem derici jet sosyete)

 Come on, see you. ” The singer, who did not want to talk about his ex-lover, took his way home quickly. (Spokesperson, Emre Agile) .

(irem derici lider şahin)
A very beautiful girl was extremely sexy lately I love the woman, the sex of my fellow koskancliktannkudur .varos simple he began to attack you'll understand that this girl's wonders continue to catastrophe.
(irem derici nazende sevgilim)

I have no choice but to create a tropical environment in the neighborhood ...  
PS For a while that tattoo will appear, the clothes will be chosen accordingly .

In my opinion, the best album made in the last 10 years (10 from humble, otherwise ohoooo ...) is Onurr - A Story of Heroism. And Jack, the Ripper of the album without a clip, is “REPLİK”. 
(irem derici acemi balik indir)

mi Does the iron not melt to the fire? When you think of your heart calloused ... ”


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