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  1. 7 what diseases can be treated by cord blood
  2. diseases can be treated by cord blood and tissue
  3. diseases can be treated by cord blood banking !
  4. diseases can be treated by cord blood donation
  5. diseases can be treated by cord blood evidence

recent scientific discoveries related to the makes use of and treatments that can be performed from CORD BLOOD are in growing day by day. nowadays, stem cells are used in clinical techniques associated with bone marrow transplantation, and within the remedy of approximately 60 a distinct disorder of blood illnesses and immune gadget. but the major use of those cells is the bone marrow transplant as a part of the treatment of blood illnesses, whether or not it's malignant, cancerous or maybe hereditary.

stem cell transplantation is the handiest remedy presently available to sufferers with blood diseases which include cancer blood, and lymphatic diseases, in addition to diverse immunodeficiency sicknesses, where the affected person is given excessive doses of stem cells on the way to replace it with healthy cells, after being subjected to chemotherapy or radiotherapy to kill all cells the sick.

scientific revolution has not yet grow to be popular, notwithstanding the adoption of governments and personal corporations to undertake, and the fact that the folklore is aware of a number of the same, despite the fact that now not associated with the medical aspect, has been inside the foot keep the placenta at the start of the child as a sort of blessing, a image of existence , the reality that the placenta is running to purify the blood nourishing the fetus within the womb of his mom, and take the blood coming from it and purification earlier than returning to the body of the mother in an included existence cycle among mom and fetus. the new medical revolution is likewise centered around the uterus of the mom - the mother of the donor, the mom feeding the existence - from the umbilical wire that connects the fetus with his mom, turned into observed the significance of blood in it, it consists of a massive quantity of stem cells, which can be break up cells and multiplication, and used whilst taken from pure bone treatment in lots of diseases.

scientific revolution is still in the medical scale of the beginning and test, even though it stored the lives of many humans with a few kinds of leukemia and kids with diabetes kind i ... governments and states to be cautious now not to stay in the custody of corporations not best profit, with out a dependable scientific heritage, requirements and criteria, which are seeking to set up banks to freeze umbilical twine blood for sure amounts of money, and is offered to dad and mom greater than what ... or mutation within the presentation of what it gives as though selling an everyday commercial product without clearly clarifying the vital information that each individual has to know before stepping ahead for her.

what are the illnesses that can be handled now? 

there are greater than eighty five cases (and just a few seventy five cases to date), which can be handled with stem cells, together with malignant lymphocytes and leukemia. more than one myeloma and genetic issues. beneath are some problems that may be handled the use of stem cells: 

1 - distinctive disorders:

acute leukemia, leukemia, leukemia, chronic leukemia, persistent leukemia, leukemia, persistent leukemia, leukemia, , cerebrospinal dysplasia syndrome, persistent leukemia, leukemia, intractable anemia, neurotoxin, non-hodgkin lymphoma, hodgkin's lymphoma. 

2 - blood illnesses: 

beta thalassemia, mobile thrombocytopenia amoegiasis, anemia, anemia. 

3 - bone marrow failure syndrome: 

acute anemia, anemia, anemia, fibroesophageal fibrosis. 

congenital defects of metabolism:

adrenal dysplasia, lymphatic cellular syndrome, gonther's sickness, hunter syndrome, herler syndrome, krabi ailment, langerhans tissue, white blood cellular adhesion, osteoporosis.

5. immune deficiency sicknesses: 

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