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The Truth About Şeyma Subaşı's book error !!

şeyma subaşı
The Truth About Şeyma Subaşı's book error !!

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Perusers saw the outrage blunder that was disregarded in Şeyma Subaşı's book 

Şeyma Subaşı's dubious book "Just Şeyma" has disregarded an outrageous error. In the book being referred to, the expression "water powered corrosive" in the recommended area for healthy skin pulled in the response of internet based life.

While the echoes of Acun Ilcalı's ex Şeyma Subaşı 's book, distributed in June, is still under way, another improvement has occurred. The individuals who took the book and started to peruse it experienced an outrageous blunder.


In the "My Skin and Nutrition Tips" area of the book, hydrochloric corrosive was blended with hyaluronic corrosive and the peruser was encouraged to "disregard water powered

corrosive and lotion". Hyaluronic corrosive is utilized for healthy skin , while hydrochloric corrosive is a noxious corrosive utilized in family unit cleaning, prominently known as the "soul of salt". So the peruser was offered a "salt soul" for healthy skin. It is likewise significant that even the hydrochloric corrosive is mixed up as "water powered corrosive".

The popular Turkish maker Agon Legally and style model Shaimaa Subashi reported their

separation and their separation was authoritatively marked after one session in the Turkish court, which kept going just 8 minutes.

The updates on the separation of the pair has been a stun in the Turkish media and media, particularly since Ajoun and Shaima were hitched after a solid relationship went on for a long time, and comes one year after their wedding last September, where the marriage brought about one child. 

It is weird that a solid talk was raised about the purpose behind their detachment. She advanced Shaimaa's selling out of her better half with the Turkish star Shaktay Olswei, known as "Amir," which was not passed by the star of the arrangement "Inside", and he denied every one of that was raised regarding this matter, My sibling Ajoun and my companion Shaima, I trust this appalling and untrustworthy defamation that has no birthplace will end. " 

In spite of the boundless picture of Shaima and Shatai after the separation, the model was hesitant to deny her separation. "My companionship with Shatai Ulsui is very notable to me by my dear companions. . 

Then again, the arrangement "The Protector" is the most recent work of Shaktay Olsui, delivered by Netflix International, and co-featuring Aisha Turan, Hazar Ergutchelo, and joined the group in his subsequent season, Engin Ozturk.


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